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Sir Bobby Robson 'Who Wants To Live Forever?' Compilation

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Now I know I have been a bit quiet if you will on the compilation front as of recently, I have had this one stemming for a while but never got chance to finish it, well I had a bit of time on my hands this afternoon so have managed to do that.




Now in my opinion, the word legend is a word in the modern day that is often used far too often for my liking. However when we all think of Sir Bob, the word legend is a given that is for certain.


One of footballs and especially this countries most decorated characters to have ever graced the game. The success he has achieved over the years as a manager, not just in this country, but more so the impressive nature of his stints abroad, and at the age when he took those roles. It would have been far easier for him to sit back and retire when he was due to leave his post as England manager, but we all know that isn't his way. It's very rare and Englishman succeeds abroad, especially in playing terms, but it's almost an unheard of thing for a manager to do so.


We all know he had to go by the time he left us, but obviously not at the time and the nature of the departure (but let's not go into that.) He rescued us at a time when we were in desperate need of someone and something to spark us back to life. Although it took him two years, Robert and Bellamy as we all know transformed the team.


As everyone can guess by the title I have used Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever?' as the song of choice for this video. A compilation of moments all through his career, some as a player and as a manager, quite a moving tribute from me to a great man.


So let us all lay tribute to the elder statesman of English Football, there's only one Sir Bobby Robson.


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Class Jonny. Nearly had me bubbling there. Some class moments there - some poignant and some of my favourite ever goals, especially Rob Lee's at the old Wembley and Platt during Italia 90. Special mention to those Ipswich tracksuit tops at the '78 Cup Final too.

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Bloody hell, Jonny that was just brilliant, I'm not too proud to admit that my bottom lip was wobbling at one point, really moving.


Soft wanker.







No, Tribal was right, its usually very limp.

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