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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to do C4's alternative Christmas message

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LONDON (AP) — Britain's Channel 4 says Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will deliver the TV channel's annual Christmas broadcast.


A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said on Wednesday that Ahmadinejad's recorded message will be shown on Christmas Day.


Since 1993, the channel has screened a message from a controversial public figure as an alternative to the traditional message broadcast by Queen Elizabeth II.


A previous broadcast featured the Rev. Jesse Jackson.


The channel says it picked Ahmadinejad because relations between Iran and the West are likely to be a key global issue in 2009.


In his message, Ahmadinejad says that if Jesus was alive in modern society he would likely fight to reform the world's economic and political systems.


This'll be fun :lol:

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That's excellent.


Well, better than Marge Simpson anyway.



It's interesting, I wonder if he'll be arrested for Holocaust denial next time he enters the EU?

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depends how many contracts for arms, aircraft, cars etc etc he brings in his pocket

Edited by Rob W

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