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SHEARER MISSION (8 games) T-shirt


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Im delighted with the fact that shearer is back on tyneside as boss and design a tshirt to emphasise his task ahead



so go to www.zazzle.co.uk and then search alan shearer and you will see it. I don't care if you buy it I just wanted to sare it with toon fans most of my mates are macoms.


alan shearer is jack bauer in 8

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Im delighted that you've chosen to advertise with toontastic.net, Im sure you'll find our rates cheap as chips. Drop a cheque in the post or pay online.



Wouldnt really mind if the t-shirt actually existed but Im fucked if I can find it when searching for Shearer.


actually apologies Ive just found it. Heres the actual link...





That'll be another tenner ta ;)

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