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Geordie Boyo

Anybody got this?

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i reckon they'll just be giving you links to foreign channels that stream via the web, ala live footy on a saturday


speaking of links the only one that works on their page is the Buy Now one?


plenty of software out there if your just after watching live football

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Looks like being some catch, and you can see that just from the quality of their homepage so I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. 800 plus channels thou? Surely there must be something good in a price like that with that on offer...

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i manged to get to the FAQ and it says


Is liveskytv.info legal?

Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open gateways which is not illegal.


So they will give you links to the web streams to the likes of ESPN in China or wherever, due to every man and his dog knowing about these the links the chances of you getting a connection and a watchable picture are very slim


You best off using the likes of PP Live/ PP Steam / Cool Stream, which uses torrent type technology so everyone watching becomes a server, giving you a stable picture, the only down side is it's live, but about 5 minutes behind real time

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