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What happened to the good old songs of yesteryear?


Personally I think a lot of the stuff sung at home games these days is pretty shite and mainly consists of Stand up if you...... etc etc


What happened to the likes of......


We had joy we had fun we had Sunderland on the run

but the fun did not last cos the bastards ran too fast.




If I had the wings of a sparrow

the dirty great arse of a crow

I'd fly over roker park

and shit on the bastards below.




In the Liverpool slums

In the Liverpool slums

they look in the dustbins for something to eat

they find a dead rat and they think its a treat

in the Liverpool slums.




He's only a poor little hammer

his clothes are all tattered and torn

he came for a fight so we set him alight

and now he wont come any more.


Proper good old songs that had a bit of flair and humour to them.


Anyone else got any old favourites?

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If you went to the match more often you'd know they all get regular outings. TV doesn't pick it up so well cos people like you buy tickets now and then and don't join in.



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Im amazed that you'd think Liverpool Slums doesn't get an outing at SJP twice a year!


I agree though that the chants of yesteryear ha mire thought and originality than now. Next year will be dire now the orchestration of Singing Corner is no more

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