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  1. Too much pant pissing in this thread. We got beat off Man U. Move on.
  2. Not really when they've been shite the past few games and we have a good manager now. We aren't the shitshow we once were.
  3. I wouldn't say I'm entirely positive about today and the result we'll get either. However people going on about it being a cricket score and how shit some of our players are is a bit annoying. Were not managed by Carver or Pardew or Maclaren anymore. Were managed by Rafa Benitez who's getting the most of the players we have and by no means have any of them been shit this season. Underwhelming maybe but not as bad as people make them out to be.
  4. Fucking hell. Going off some of the replies on this thread it's like were being managed by Pardew. Have some faith ffs. No point being negative before kick off.
  5. On top of that you have the fact that it's so easy to qualify for the Euros nowadays. Recently they haven't made the world cup because there isn't an abundance of extra places being made and as usual they didn't make it through.
  6. Mag365
  7. Must have been alot of promises made by Short to get him to go there. He could have easily stopped as Wales manager and qualified them for Euros due to the enlarges format where pretty much the whole of Europe qualifies. On the other hand he could have sat at Sky as a pundit and gotten a higher Championship/low end Prem team in time so it'll be interesting if Short does supply funds for him.
  8. If he resigned and was patient he probably could of gotten a Premiership job. He's set up to fail there.
  9. Probably have the lowest attendance though
  10. Probably have Hargreaves, Scholes and Ferdinand as the pre and post match pundits.
  11. Pretty sure he played there under Benitez the end of our last Premier League season and our first batch of Championship games too.
  12. Perez. He's a much better winger and usually shows his best form out there due to not having 4-5 players surrounding him at once.