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  1. We'll avoid relegation easily. Much worse teams than us in this league.
  2. I had no idea he was working for BeIN before this whole fiasco, same with Wise. They know controversy and being tossers will get more exposure to themselves and their agenda. The more people retaliate then the more they'll keep spouting the same shit over and over again because it's unfortunately working.
  3. If people stop retweeting and replying to their shite on Twitter then they'd stop regurgitating the same bollocks. They're only looking for attention so don't give them it.
  4. People forget that there's alot of shit in the Premiership. Burnley haven't strengthened, Bournemouth either. Watford are terrible as well as Huddersfield, Southampton etc. With Benitez we'll be more than alright. Without him though we'll be knackered.
  5. I dont get how he's being punted about for 27 million and Mitrovic at 20. Same with us selling Mbemba and Merino for quite low prices with barely any profit when you see other clubs sell worse players for alot more money.
  6. https://twitter.com/paddypower/status/1021356139357884416?s=19
  7. Is it just me or is 20 million pretty cheap for a striker with potential and who does score goals (not alot but he does score more than others) especially with the way the market is nowadays?
  8. Is it this transfer window when it closes before the first set of games?
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