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Shit that was close !!!


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What kind of transfers have you made Jimbo?




Most important transfers have been


Vincenzo Iaquinta 40 premiership goals !


Fabio Grosso brilliant left-back


Mauro Cameranesi superb on the right of midfield


and Belletti a right back from Barcelona, Shepherd signed him behind my back !

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Where did you get those backgrounds, etc. Jimbo?



The background picture is one I took, I'll share it later, the logo's you can get from from most FM sites I'll see if I've got the installation files I'll post them later too.


Clicky here

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Without wanting to sound thick, how do you set that as the background?




rename the picture "default" and save it to C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\data\graphics\backgrounds

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How could you afford to buy those players in the first season? (I'm assuming its the first season since shearer takes his final bow and the fact it says 2006 :D)



I did some deals ;)

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Didnt Iaquinta cost you loads? Newcastle arent exactly rich when you start a new game ;)




I made some good sales from what I recall.

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