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  1. Anyone know what the deal at Norwich is? Apparently someone slept with someones wife and now Holt wants to leave. (I have no reliable source what so ever, just what I heard.)
  2. Newcastle United - Manchester United 3-0

    On behalf of Norway, I'd like to issue an apology for these two nimrods.
  3. Spartacus: Vengeance

    Are you shitting me? I loved just about every second of it. Do agree with Ant though... hopefully it wont be Lost set in ancient times
  4. José Enrique

    Aeris, I refrain from posting most of the time, but fuck me, what a shit signature. That will be all.
  5. No idea if anyone has already lobbed this on here, but it gave me giggles. £0 Demba Ba has scored the same no of goals in 2011 as £110 million Torres, Suarez and Carroll combined - 21.
  6. Rumblings on twitter and a few forums that a PL star has tested positive for cocaine, here are a few snippets from twitter I assume: ManUnitedTalk ManUnitedTalk Apparently a top Footballer will be named as a cocaine addict tonight He tested positive then He was later sold by his club in a multimillion pound deal but his new team were not told of the drug test I DON'T know the name yet but when i do i will Tweet it The show will be on at 8:00 pm UK time on Channel 4. For those who cant watch i will be Tweeting through out the show. - The show claims to have discovered the identities of dozens of footballers who have failed drugs tests for cocaine and cannabis. Their names have been kept secret by the Football Association and their clubs. It is also claimed 240 drugs tests had to be abandoned between April 2007 and August 2010 after officials turned up at training grounds to discover the players were not there. The show claims to have official documents that show three former England internationals and one Scottish star faced doping investigations after suspicious levels of testosterone were found in their urine. Juicy stuff, sorry if its been posted.
  7. Come on man, those are beautiful! For a boring black and white pair of those in Norway I'd pay around 150 quid. (Maybe lush wasnt the right word, but still they are lovely)
  8. Those are seriously lush. So shit living in Norway as the selection of shoes and clothing in general is terrible.
  9. FAO: Deano / Tioté's Nutz

    To be fair to Deano, hes said he'll pay up on monday, so why not lay off him until tuesday? If he doesnt pay up by then this verbal barrage can continue for the greater good and all that
  10. Correct, and if anyone wonders - hes still incredibly bitter about it
  11. Doubt anyone cares, butfigured I'd slip it in here - my old club in the 3rd division in Norway just signed a former Premier League player. Alf-Inge Håland, knee still crocked but was voted man of the match in his first game for his new club. Unsure if I should be proud or not to have played in the same club as a former PL player, cause frankly - the mans a giant dick.
  12. We should have finished higher than we did.

    Same here, I'd bring it in but only for that. I think there should be more bans based on reviews for dangerous tackles etc. too though. There's nothing more ridiculous in football that someone getting a red and a 3 match ban for 'violent conduct' of the nature of Gervinho's against us then a tackle like Bardsley's only getting a one match ban because it was a 2nd yellow. This.
  13. Harry Redknapp

    You're quite a legend, if you pass they will re-name one of the stands in your honour
  14. The Twitter Thread

    Not very updates on this matter, wasnt he supposed to delete his account if Zog didnt sign for us? Whatever happened to that?

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