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stop blue screen of death?


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I have an oldish pc, that i use to run certain software on.


However I lent it to a relative for a while and he messed it up with some software he installed.


Tried to remove some the junk they installed on it, but i now get random crashes.


Long story short I dont want to reinstall windows on this pc.


IS there a way around BSOD ? I know win7 has a way around it, but i guess its cos its designed differently (geeky stuff like kernels and things?)




tbh this made no sens at all.



Anyone know of some software, that can help? ie change the BSOD to a prompt, rather than crash whole pc.


There could be an underlying problem, but its buried deep. However it would take ALOT of faffing aboutto try and repair the system to good health. I can live witht he odd crash, if it didnt freeze whole pc!

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If you get Windows 7 Pro you can get an XP shell to run your older applications. Looks just like XP.


In terms of saving the one you've got, have you already attempted a system restore back to the point before he installed everything? This can be done without evening opening Windows - if you're being BSODed then you'll likely be taken to the 'How do you want to start up your computer screen'. Choose repair from there and restore should be an option. Go back as far as you can, it's not like you'll lose any files, just some applications.


Ultimately though, if it was me, I'd fix the issue at hand.


Or upgrade and get the XP Shell.

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