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Going to the US for 5 days in about a month or so, couple of people I've asked have said I'll need one but I've been looking on line for more information (which has proved confusing) and there seems to be a VISA waiver thing for less than 90 day stays for people from the UK, anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?

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Aye you just fill a form in online, it might charge for it now (been a while since I done it) but it lasts for 3 year.


That's the site for it iirc.

Then like Gemmill says you fill some stuff in on the plane, I think it's the I-90 where you fill in where you will be staying and stuff and then a customs declaration form. All simple stuff, thanks to the Visa Waiver.

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You MUST have an arrival address for the ESTA form


It's valid for a couple of years at least and you update it before each trip so don't lose the number


Normally they put you through the full electronic fingerprint scan on arrival the first time you use it - after that they often skip it or just ask for one hand

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