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  1. So around £4M a player and the media attack Rafa for playing defensive, as others say we’re basically a lower league side battling a PL side in the FA cup every week.
  2. Aye, this squad would go right down without Rafa. You can see how he wants them to play and it’s often clear as day when their limitations cause it to break down. At this point I’m convinced that anyone who defends Ashley must be on the wind up. We had Yedlin playing CB when Fernandez had to go off as well as having to play Manquillo, that shows how ridiculously under strength the squad is. The most expensive player we had on the pitch was the £13M Ritchie, after that there were a few £6M players, some £4M, a couple £2M with frees and loanees mixed in, in the 2018 Premier League that is absolutely shameful. We can’t be too far off what mid-table La Liga, Serie A, or even Ligue 1 teams squads are worth, and these are leagues whose mid table sides make a hell of a lot less than the Prem.
  3. That elbow was rotten looking back.
  4. Completely undeserved that for wolves. They’re so overrated.
  5. Ayoze has had a really good game.
  6. That was a pen imo. You can’t elbow like that.
  7. Agreed, good chance Dubravka would have got it and we had Lascelles covering. Stupid decision by Yedlin either way.
  8. Shite touch by Yedlin then a daft decision
  9. I see Piers Morgan is being a tit about this. Comparing the abuse Beckham received after getting sent off at the World Cup to the abuse Sterling regularly receives. I can’t wait until the day that melted face abhorrent cunt fucks off from the media.
  10. I really dislike Wolves, not sure why other than they were nasty bastards back when they had Karl Henry. 2-1 to Rafa’s lot.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    They were in full support of that one as well.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Cattermole is still there aye, fully agree that he’ll be trying to kick 17 year olds up a height and starting on them, all with the classy mackems cheering him on.
  13. I’ve got a lot of respect for Sterling. Quality player who has made massive steps forward under Guardiola. Sterling is also consistently targeted for abuse by fan bases and nasty articles in the press, which I don’t understand as he’s always come across as a genuine, hard working, model professional imo. The Liverpool fans are still poisonous towards him, one look at the comments on any of his Instagram posts shows that, but they love Suarez a bloke who did exactly the same thing, moved on to a better club. Weirdly other fan bases also follow this and get insulted for Sterling leaving Liverpool, despite the fact he moved to Liverpool at 16 from QPR and almost immediately emerged as one of their best players, so I’m not sure what he’s supposed to owe Liverpool. Chelsea fans also have prior for this, up there with West Ham and Stoke fans for scummiest in England imo. His instagram post this morning which is what strawb mentioned is spot on as well, two Man City youth players bought £2M homes for their mams, the daily mail made a nice article about Foden in a positive light, whereas Adarabioyo who is black is portrayed as splashing cash with a pretty negative headline. It’s something that has been used about Sterling himself in the past with regard to cars etc. it’s disgraceful tbh.

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