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  1. Other Games 17/18

    Sadly it looks like Salah is going to win them the CL, he’s been in great form all year but it’s getting more and more ridiculous. Think if they do win it Real will try to shift someone like Bale and then throw everything they have at trying to sign Salah. The list of players Chelsea have basically thrown to one side is getting outrageous now, De Bruyne, Lukaku, and Salah would be some combination.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    Who’d have thought having reportedly the 3rd highest net debt in Europe (beating PSG apparently) in League One would be offputting? fwiw I’m hearing many football pundit types say they can see them being in the top 3-4 strongest sides in League One next season. I know I’m a biased cunt against this lot but I have no idea how people can say that sort of thing, they’ve won about 11 out of their last 84 and came rock bottom two years in a row. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this lot haven’t hit their level yet, while it may not be a third relegation (although I’d say so, if just to wind the tramps up) I absolutely don’t see them as being one of the strongest sides in the division next year. Also, this isn’t getting old is it this is fucking class. Latching onto the win of a former youth goalie who couldn’t have got away quicker, why do they even bother man? They can’t take the piss about us losing away to Everton as they just got burst at home to Burton Albion. It’s like a Carlisle fan trying to take the piss, so pipe down you lower league tramps.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    They have a thread on there about how Pickford has us rattled, and that we can’t hack getting it back after we were giving him stick. This comes days after them whinging about Dummett and Bent giving them stick they really are a special breed.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    That Jonathan Wilson wrote a good article about it, he mentioned they were in the lead at home for something staggering like 20 minutes in total during 2017
  5. Aye, it’s getting fucking ridiculous really.
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    They’re weird as fuck man, I’m not arsed to look at the thread essembee has mentioned that they have about our game as I’ve no doubt they will be buzzing. That’s it though, it’ll make their night us losing to Everton but the game is fucking meaningless it only really helps settle who comes 10th/9th, so why are they arsed? No doubt they’re buzzing Allardyce has won a game against us, another weird thing as the bloke royally mugged them off. Even if the England job didn’t come along it was pretty clear he had his head on a swivel for any opportunity whatsoever to get out of that pile of rubble. Yet they fucking adore him, they adore a manager with a 29% win ratio losers, complete and utter fucking losers. Their heroes of the PL era are Niall Quinn, Kevin Phillips, Peter Reid, and Sam Allardyce what a crew man, two completely fucking average strikers one of which was basically a journey man, and two (being very fair here) average managers. In fact Steve Bruce was by far a better manager for them than Allardyce but they simply can’t look past the Goliath chip on their shoulder that he’s from Newcastle. The new dog has me knackered, so I guess looking at this post and the one in the Everton thread I’m a bit grumpy, but fuck them and fuck these winnet licking tramps.
  7. I fucking hate these weekday games, didn’t see this as I was at work but tbh it sounds like it was what I expected. The fat headed wretched cunt has took 250m quid worth of players and is using them in a manner similar to his dross Bolton side which he had assembled by giving away drill cones, or bags of footballs, or whatever else instead of transfer fees. No shock at all to hear that shambolic cunt Madley fucking up time and time again when it came to decisions for us. Just pleased we didn’t need this one really, I still hope we finish above that shambles of a manager mind as I will always have a massive dislike for the fat Yorkshire drip. I look forward to the day he is finally banned from football, something which is almost inevitable for the corrupt scumbag. I watched the Walcott goal and while it’s a canny enough finish he got lucky in the way it bobbled back to him. No shock that was their only shot on target, it was similar when we lost to them at home. Think they went through a 4 or 5 game stretch without registering a single shot on target, and the bloke has the brass neck to get offended when people give him grief for being anti football. Honestly man it’s no wonder the only fan base that likes him are no marks like SAFC. This bloke could take over Real Madrid and he’d have them registering one shot on target at home to Getafe as he utilizes Ronaldo at CB for his height.
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    The weirdest part of that is they’d spent years previous trying to cling to Man Utds coat tails, becoming a place for soon to be retired has beens and the lesser academy graduates to get paid well more than they were worth. Then in their complete obsession to be a part of something in football they gave it big licks to Man Utd fans in a moment that had nothing to do with SAFC, in fact they hadn’t even ‘done a part’ in it as Man Utd beat them. Forever spoiling their image as proper canny and classy fans to Man Utd fans, a title they have a pathetic desire to get from any fan base they can. Meanwhile I still think Man Utd fans are tossers and couldn’t give a fuck what they think of NUFC, it is funny that they’re also piling onto the tramps mind.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    Already a 3 page thread about this on RTG he’s a faux Geordie who is trying to curry favour with the masses apparently, Paul Dummett that was born in Newcastle and come through the NUFC academy is a faux Geordie they really are a desperate bunch. They also all call him shite, despite the fact he’d be the best defender they’d have on their books if he played for them. They really need to wake up to where their club are at if they think they can call a Premeeeyah leeeygue player shite. They’ll be lucky if a player of his level plays for them in the next 3 years at the very least
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    They always jump to the “we’d chin them” craic now, can’t say it’s a surprise as it’s yet another completely untestable metric since ‘classy’ is now out due to, you know, them giving a kiddie fiddler support. I saw it in all of the “we’re paranoid the Maggie’s are going to be at the Wolves match” threads, as they all started with a “aye we’d just kick their heads in”, as if they’re a fan base of Connor McGregors
  11. mackem messageboard gold

  12. Only in America

    My wife is a teacher and the day a person tries to arm her is the day we move back to the UK. It’s fucking insanity that these idiots think that’s some sort of answer, that a teachers job would then become some sort of fucking paramilitary defense role all so that Daryl can fire off his armalite in the woods as is his god given right. The part people keep spectacularly missing time and again is just because a person has a fire arm doesn’t mean they’d use it. Soldiers go through training shooting at figure 8 targets to desensitize so that the moment a target is in their sights they’ll shoot on instinct, and despite that there are still some who hesitate. They’re expecting people who have chosen to become school teachers to suddenly flip a switch and turn into a person capable of pulling a trigger and killing someone? Nah it’s not going to happen, it’ll just mean more weapons for the active shooter. We have active shooter drills at my office. Your only hope would be to leg it, more people firing off guns would make a terrifying and confusing situation even worse, not better.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    It’s brilliant like, they pile onto Short then say they need managers that he has already hired previously who were shite. Stupid inbred cunts.
  14. Other Games 17/18

    Aye he was fucking tragic today. Particularly enjoyed where he ranted at that young lad Rice for ducking out the way, fair enough the lad fucked up but Hart then just let it go right into the net the dozy fucker. The bloke has next to no awareness or anticipation, he’s went downhill massively. Fully agree he shouldn’t be anywhere near the England squad. People keep bleating on that he’s experienced so should go, it’s not like England are going to be making a run at it ffs so just let someone like Pope get experience.
  15. Other Games 17/18

    Aye and to be fair to Moyes he’s getting a good return out of him as well.

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