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  1. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Never seen him play but his Championship record looks canny, so he’ll be handy for the 2020/21 season.
  2. Salomon Rondon

    Can’t say I give a fuck tbh.
  3. New Strips?

    2%? You’d need special brew to watch the shite footy we’re about to be served up.
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Of the old school variety as well. I hate this “Steve has been appointed it’s done and dusted” shite that keeps being repeated, as if we should all just go “ah well nowt to complain about now let’s get behind Steve and Colback”, imagine if we treat everything like that
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Edwards really is a fucking embarrassment.
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Aye predicting something 2 months after it happens is very impressive. Hold on I’m getting something.... I predict England will win the 2019 cricket World Cup.
  7. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    It looks like Adam Campbell is at Darlo now, he was the next big thing once iirc. The one I’m surprised about is how Shane Ferguson isn’t at Real Madrid at this point, a bloke on here was making out like he was the next Ryan Giggs at one point.
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    The academy thing has always been confusing as fuck to me. If you set up a well managed academy you can easily cover its cost by flogging some players to lower league sides, and the potential profit is massive if you get a kid that has a lot of ability. It feels like he’s basically always looking at the possible sale of the club. Not that he will or wants to it’s just that if he needed to he has pulled the maximum he could out before any sale, so he aims to always get as much as he can from as little as possible even at the massive detriment to the long term.
  9. Joey Barton

    We even had the prior fucking generations dinosaur Joe Kinnear. Bruce is definitely among the bottom of that lot, I think I saw a stat somewhere that he has the worst or 2nd worst record of PL managers with 200+ games.
  10. You’re about to find out the level of these players Tim, starting with getting pumped off a side that had to fucking cheat twice last season to get points off us.
  11. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Aye this is surely a smokescreen, there’s no chance they’d pay those sort of fees.
  12. New Strips?

    I wonder how much revenue the club is getting from what is highly likely to be a Sports Direct advertisement.
  13. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    “Lets get real here. Benitez has gone. Its very sad but get over it and move on We were never going to get Mourinho or any anyone of his class until Mike Ashley goes. Give Bruce a chance. At least he is a local with passion..it could EASILY have been Pullis or Hughes. I am a long standing season ticket holder at NUFC and sat on the wall at the Gallowgate when i was 5 in 1966 Nothing changes.” From the BBC comment section on the Bruce appointment article. I know people say don’t blame each other, but to be frank ones like this are a problem, on top of that he’s having a pop at other fans anyway. I hate that let’s just move on and back the team, we’re going fucking nowhere because this owner won’t let us. Stop backing them, stop fucking buying things, there’s absolutely no reason for him to stop this cycle of trying to come 17th, going cheap as possible until it gets the club relegated, fund promotion, back to the first aim.
  14. This lot are poised to really kick it up a level once our new manager comes in with all of his fresh, and exciting coaching methods. Nowt like adding 2-3 players who the previous manager decided were not up to the below PL level of the majority of the rest of the squad back into the fold. That’s really going to see us kick on. Morgan Gibbs-White scored against us, I assume the House of Lords took a break so he could come over and slot one past our shambles with a name like that.
  15. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    So this lot are willing to get sued for Steve Bruce but wouldn’t give Benitez some transfer funds to keep him? Staggering.

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