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  1. Aye, this is the issue. He’s a bloke that’s used to strong arming companies in weak positions into very lop sided deals, he’ll be going into these meetings expecting his inflated valuation, then a whole host of shite like those mentioned, free advertising in the stadium to continue etc, even if someone agreed to it all he wouldn’t likely hike the price up at the last minute as well.
  2. Good post, agree with all of this. You look at the owners of Wolves, they’re ambitious, now looking at increasing the budget of their academy as they have a long term vision. It must be great, it doesn’t even have to be to that level as this fat cunt doesn’t even have the interest of the Brighton or Bournemouth owners ffs, as you say his only drive is to make money. I still have my suspicion about the books, it just seems off that the debt to him just keeps growing anytime the club goes down but is untouched in all of the PL seasons despite us spending absolutely fuck all.
  3. If this is Rafa’s last season with us, which I think it will be, I’d be fine with us going down because at least then the fat cunt doesn’t have access to the PL money flowing into the club. It’ll mean the loan the club owes him will grow again but he’s not going to sell the club so we may as well be down there.
  4. Agreed, we’re so blunt up the pitch. Our squad cost would still not be impressive in 2008, in 2018 it’s just fucking embarrassing. Spot on about the body language being off, Kenedy is standing out in that area imo for a player who was such a good outlet last season he’s been offering absolutely nothing besides an attempted fight every match.
  5. What a fucking whopper Gayle is, saying that if we scored and nicked the win it would be “the steal of all time” has he not noticed Palace have been dreadful as well.
  6. I’m not saying it was a sending off as he didn’t make contact with Kenedy but it seemed on the replay that Zaha at one point went to head butt him or at the least try and go head to head. Why the fuck do footballers do this somewhat regularly? There’s not a single fucking benefit and it nearly always results in a sending off. Its a a good job Palace are as blunt as us up top as they’re missing some sitters here.
  7. Aye, what the fuck was Dubravka doing there? Muto faffing on in a dangerous area as well.
  8. We’ve been fucking shite but Tony Gayle can do one, he’s basically had a pop at us for not “having a go” all game as if Palace have been some brilliant attacking side here. Both have been equally as hesitant and shite tbh.
  9. Agree with that, Gayle doesn’t seem to have the confidence in himself to be a top flight player but he’s a better finisher than any of the current crop as seen by that nightmare of a kick by Joselu. I totally agree on Tony Gayle too, what a fucking cunt. He’s getting in a right state over Perez ‘diving’ before realizing that he did in fact get elbowed in the head but completely ignoring the diving from Palace.
  10. True enough, we need a striker in January there’s nothing at all up front. I hope Muto comes on so we can see if he offers anything.
  11. Both Perez and Joselu are so lightweight, they just get completely bullied by any centre half they come up against. I know Rondon didn’t have a particularly good half but at least he can hold the ball up and take contact, these two just get barged out the way.
  12. Joselu must have some dodgy photos of Rafa, no idea how he keeps getting on otherwise.
  13. I forget how much Palace dive until we play them. Busy cunts.
  14. Agree with what RobinRobin said, Fernandez and Schar have had a decent amount of appearances between them. One of the key reasons is because Shelvey, ridiculously still one of the very few true creative players we have, has been injured and another being basically all of our games have been against top 6 sides. Let’s hoy all that out the window and blame Rafa eh? I’m not saying Rafa is above criticism but the players named aren’t much ahead of the ones that have started, other than Rondon who as Robin mentioned has been unfit and away on international duty for a decent amount of the games. If we had a fully fit Lascelles and Shelvey for all of the fixtures we’d likely have more points than we have now, we’d also have more points if the fat waste of space we have as an owner had allowed Rafa to get his first choices in the door rather than looking further down his list.

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