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  1. Aye it is. Can’t wait for this Sunday’s mountain of “it will be confirmed within 24-48 hours” or the end of the week, etc utter rubbish from the press.
  2. It’s funny how the PL have faffed on and dragged their feet over our ownership structure, yet it seems to me that we are going to potentially lose Matty Longstaff thanks to Watfords dodgy as fuck ownership structure. If Udinese have really offered Matty £30k a week that would make him their highest earning player, during a time of uncertainty. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that due to Foreign based clubs being able to approach players before domestic sides when players deals are running out we will see Matty then loaned and/or transferred to Watford shortly after any move to Udinese, due to their ownership of both clubs. I understand they need time to look at things in detail, but it’s really becoming fucking farcical now. We are close to transfer windows opening, deals expiring etc so they’re hampering the new owners initial impacts and planning, as well as holding up Ashley’s dealings (while I don’t give a fuck about that they have a responsibility to be as fast as possible). They’ve had ample time by now, it’s irresponsible at this point imo. I understand people are leaning into the rumour they’re waiting for this report to be published, at the end of the day it’s only a guidance report and it’s not legally binding, they have a court ruling rejecting the link. There was also a lawyer on Twitter (I kna) who was saying although it seems clear in the report it’s a hard legal argument to join the BeoutQ - Arabsat - Saudi Royalty - PiF chain, which is what would be required to reject for this.
  3. Even if it was I wouldn’t take it to mean anything. Iirc it happened before when there was takeover buzz and it was just because they were replacing the tatty old signs with their tatty new signs.
  4. Luke Edwards is fucking buzzing about this new negative report btw what a total helmet that bloke is. To my earlier post I would add I’d find it a bit of a weird stance for the Premier League to reject based on this seeing as BeoutQ has been shut down, if they’re worried about pirate streams blocking this lot isn’t going to improve that is it? Also, isn’t the test applied to the officers and directors? So Al-Rummayyan etc, all of whom are very unlikely to be involved with any of the piracy side surely, we know that the PIF is obviously linked to the Saudi royalty but I’m not sure how much the test really looks through the entities like that. If it is rejected I would hope we can also expect to see the Sheffield United and Manchester City ownerships ousted as well (UAE owns a large chunk of Arabsat), although expect we wont. Luke Edwards proving how little he knows about this type of stuff by saying no when people raised this point, he said it can’t happen since they’ve passed the test already, the thing is owners have to be in compliance each year. So he’s fucking wrong about that as the daft cunt has been quite regularly throughout this, he also wrote it was all bullshit when the Company house filing became public as it didn’t make sense to him, he then deleted the tweet when someone explained it to him. The media agenda on this whole thing has been bothersome and shows just how slanted all of it is to those 6 or 7 wanky clubs they’ve decided are the top teams. Going to personally have a tough time being arsed about football if they reject this due to some utter wank like a link to a few pirated Bein sports streams.
  5. It’s just Newspapers filling the void, as long as this drags on they’ll keep coming out with shite like this. Any report would have to be pretty fucking clear, they have a court case backing their argument of no link up so for the PL to reject the bid they would have to be certain it would stand up in court, they’re not going to deal in assumptions.
  6. I’ll take either of them. We’ve currently got Steve fucking Bruce and a team playing some of the most tragic football we’ve watched in our time in the PL.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Nice of their ownership to finally admit they’re a small club tbf.
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Aye that’s the thing, he plays up the massive NUFC fan card now but in his past he has definitely, clearly favored Manchester United over us, managed SAFC, turned down the Newcastle job twice. I understand the arguments he would make of why he made those decisions, but at the same time I’m not going to feel bad for him about losing the job as it definitely doesn’t mean what he’s acting like it means to him.
  9. Not sure if what NUFC 360 says is true, but the blokes feed is all NUFC tonight which could mean something if it really is MBS’s brother.
  10. Aye, what day could they possibly be waiting for? If it’s done surely they’ll announce it, I can’t see why they’d just hold off for a few days.
  11. Aye absolutely, the club and PL aren’t going to ask the players if they passed. He’s just made himself look like even more of a fucking bellend by coming out with this.
  12. Delaney has no problem whatsoever with the PiF investing heavily in all of these companies, if anyone gives a fuck what that hypocritical bellend thinks.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    They are the most pathetic club going. You don’t have to be a Newcastle fan to see they’re a complete fucking mess. That’s all they say about people that point out issues with their club, which they then ignore, then they wonder years later why it’s such a fucking mess. I look forward to that club being out of business tbh.
  14. I know it’s always been known but fucking hell the Chronicle is fucking tragic. They’ve tweeted out the story from yesterday about the conservative MP demanding the deal is looked into twice already today, even though the blokes request was denied.

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