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  1. Lascelles Signs a 6-Year Deal

    It was reckless, intentional out of frustration as he was shielded from the ball and it endangered his opponents. A yellow would have been fair imo.
  2. Lascelles Signs a 6-Year Deal

    Still don’t understand how Wilson got away without a booking for what was a clearly intentional shove in the back.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    The whole thing is brilliant. I don’t think anyone would have guessed all of our predictions would have been this dead on, despite it all being fairly inevitable. That thread is class, it’s basically just what we were saying from the start. Some tit who owned a semi pro club got the chance at owning them for essentially fuck all, inevitably the fact he doesn’t have money to put in and has no experience or know how mean that when they didn’t immediately go up so he could sell it’s blown up and they’re stuck together. The one absolute plum that gives it the “if he has any affinity for us at all he will sell” firstly the bloke has never given a flying fuck, he saw it as a chance at making a fair bit with little personal risk, secondly who the fuck would he sell it to? It’s a rotten club with a boring as fuck 90’s flat pack stadium located in an area devoid of anything interesting, with a horrible fan base who are doing their ample best to make every bit of the club poisonous, and finally this is just another example of fucking delusion, he saw Short do something he absolutely didn’t need to do and that they didn’t deserve by bailing them out and is now expecting this guy to essentially take a personal hit to help them (Forgoing any hope of making money I would presume as he’d not get much for them since they’re in League One and seemingly have a pretty nasty negative cash flow)? Fucking utter shambles of a club. I hope this bellend and his cockend mate Methven (“ahhhm dead excited we gorra pr lads fan in marras” thick cunts) are stuck with the club for at least as long as Ashley has owned NUFC. I also enjoyed the “he’s done so much right off the pitch” comments, that essentially boils down to the fact him and dickhead #2 used to regularly insult NUFC as he hasn’t done things right off the pitch. He has tried to stop the negative cash flow, seemingly he has failed as he needed an external loan. His master stroke was fooling those 6 fingered perverts to change their own seats rather than paying a company to do it and have them think it was brilliant, other than that he’s been a heap of shite.
  4. They should think themselves VERY lucky Harry didn’t get his chin involved, isn’t that right Debby?
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Spot on. The atmosphere the fans generated is a good reason they are where they are. I think it’s Rayvin who pointed to how absolutely shocking their home form was (obviously the away form was poor but it was still better than their home) when they were in the Championship, their players didn’t want to play there to the point their top scorer literally asked to be recalled from loan so he could go somewhere else. I think they also burned a lot of bridges as teams that sent their youth players there saw the players suffer a torrent of abuse and likely regress. It’s not a coincidence that the vast majority of players that leave that club end up bitter as fuck about it. Agree on the owners, there was a window where they were doing all they could to get them up and sell, which would have probably worked and if the fans had accepted that and got behind the team it may have stood a better chance. Instead they become weirdly obsessed about how amazing the owners were but at the same time abusive and negative about the team any time there was a set back even really early in the season. Obviously the owners have made mistakes, but what does anyone expect? They’re total fucking amateurs and have less in the bank than a good portion of Championship players, but as you say the fan base have had a good hand in this mess too and as per usual are blaming anything and anyone (including this weird ‘the mags have done this’) to make it seem like they’re actually a decent fan base just down on their luck.
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Hanging around the crappy coffee/hot chocolate machine there was the mackem investigation teams key to success.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    The evidence of this conspiracy is so clear, I would wonder why Look North haven’t investigated this but we know why that will never happen
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    And they still fucking maintain that they did nowt wrong regarding Johnson. Disgusting fan base, and a shit club which is finally at their appropriate level imo.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    They’re losing the plot. No Newcastle fan needs to try and keep them down, they’re already doing a perfect job of it themselves ffs. It’s also funny that they bang on about us getting more airtime on Look North, we’re a Premier League side that’s why. They weren’t saying similar things when sides like Hartlepool and Darlo were League One/League Two level and didn’t get the airtime Sunderland did when they were circling the PL drain for the 12 years or so they blighted the division.
  10. a match today... one team v another

    Agree they looked like they really wanted it today. I think ASM is a good leader as he seems to run everything down which seems to make others try to match that intensity.
  11. a match today... one team v another

    Good match that, most I’ve enjoyed watching us in a while tbh. Fair play to Bruce he set them up to go at what most consider a better side and it paid off. Thought Yedlin and Fernandez had really good games, and obviously ASM and Almiron really caused problems for Bournemouth. Think Shelvey has been playing really well but with him there’s always that worry he’s simply doing it for a new contract and will then go back to not bothering.
  12. a match today... one team v another

    Agreed, I like Joelinton but just think it’s going to take a while for him to find his feet but as you say Rondon would be great for them as his hold up and link play was brilliant. I think they’ll get some goals as well, they really do need one to just go in as they’ve both got okay goal scoring records and they are getting in the right positions (which is the usual problem for a sharp drop in goals if you’re stepping up to a better quality league)
  13. a match today... one team v another

    Why isn’t he booked for that? The commentator saying he’s entitled to go for the overheadkick but surely that’s a high boot ffs.

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