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  1. They’re fewmin Clarke isn’t in there, despite him having less impact than all the other forwards and finishing mid table.
  2. Good, fucking disgraceful by those charlatans. It’s honestly hilarious that they’ve done all this to end up with a squad that’s probably worse than they started with.
  3. The same idiots will call themselves classy while constantly making up racist names for the club because of the owners. Exile has well and truly lost the plot mind . We have scored about 70 goals this season so far we don’t need to pay teams off we’re just very good going forward . You’d think someone that can play better through balls than a Brazilian international could appreciate the movement of Isak Gordon and Barnes.
  4. it’s like that every time we give sides like this a kicking, just happened to be their one bad game. Van Der Ven is the best defender in the PL but happened to have his only bad game in 8 months today (according to spurs fans) no coincidence at all eh
  5. I see Chelsea sold one of Boehlys hotels for £75m from “blueco” to “blueco 22” both Boehly owned holding companies, and it’s apparently counted as a £75m gain for FFP
  6. Agree with this. I’m buzzing Big Joe looks set to stay as he sets the aggressive tone in a lot of games, and I see him as our squads utility player as he can really play across midfield and attack. Keeping Bruno is the next key item, we absolutely have to keep him imo as it would be very hard to replace a player with his skill set - we should be building around him and moving others on to make FFP room. I think Man City looks unlikely now they look to be making their move for Paqueta, and hopefully having Joelinton commit might sway him to have another run at the CL spots next season.
  7. The way they idolize this absolute clogger. Proper classy tackle that.
  8. Aye, nice and classy of him though rather than understanding that maybe everyone else would rather watch CL football he told the staff member to fuck off, then decided to post about this interaction thinking he was in the right?
  9. I think the best bit to all of this is I (and I’m sure most others) couldn’t give a flying fuck about Athletic Bilbao, but watching that fucking weirdo lose his head over stuff like this is brilliant.
  10. One of the few things Kinnear was right about mind.
  11. Aye, he never come across as a nice bloke so although I wouldn’t have wished it on him I’m in the same boat as you in that I’m not arsed.
  12. Hopefully Maddison gets a suspension for punching Yates (although I see why he did it as Yates is an absolute cunt ). Isak, Tony G, and Anderson to score in a nice 3-0 win for Mad Dogs boys against mate mate mate mate mate mate mate matey Ange.
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