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  1. Mind the shite people come out with to defend this tosser is absurd. Looking around Twitter there’s a ton of idiots saying they watched Newcastle today and it’s clear Newcastle’s team is full of championship players so what’s Bruce meant to do, and changing him wouldn’t do anything. Funny that this “Championship” squad finished 10th and 13th before he took over, then got 13th and 12th with him in charge. Funny that the same players that made up iirc the 6th best defence in the league are now branded utter shite and championship level after a couple of seasons of his coaching and tactics.
  2. We need a new manager in as soon as possible. We will possibly get a new manager bounce, and start to put some actual tactical framework in place which would hopefully mean we nick some wins before January where the squad can be really improved. The longer they keep Bruce the more difficulty there will be, the blokes an absolute negative imo.
  3. Bruce really capitalized on that time in the dressing room to help the team figure out a plan.
  4. Aye it’s hilarious that they’ve managed it but to be totally honest they’re not bad pundits, as they actually pay attention to teams outside the “super duper six” and tend to give fair thoughts on most outside the usual tropes about each club/fanbase.
  5. Hilarious that he’s put on a suit for this btw. Bet he’s desperate for this day to be over so he can get the tracky bottoms back on.
  6. The entirety of the build up to the Everton v West Ham match has just been about Newcastle. Robbie Earle saying he expects Newcastle will win titles in the near future. I bet the Everton and West Ham fans watching are loving this.
  7. I think they should stick with him, they can’t expect success overnight, what more do they expect, got them to their highest finish in x amount of years (too lazy to look like the pundits), think it’s disgraceful how the fans are treating him. Think that about covers it. If they don’t stick with him I’d personally like Steve Bruce to be given a chance, as Scholes says he deserves a chance to be given a role where he has lots of money to spend, plus he knows the club.
  8. Boro still exist by the way? What an irrelevant club, glad to see they still have a little weird mackem type rivalry with us mind.
  9. Completely missed the likely intended slight of the bloke putting big in quotation marks. The big club argument is childish and irrelevant enough when it’s about top division sides, but imagine doing it in the third fucking tier man.
  10. Honestly only in football could some fucking idiot that’s clinging on to his job for an £8m pay off be framed as doing some noble thing that should be highly respected. What’s he fucking done? Had about 3 days work where he’s probably phoned it in as per, and got pissy at the first question asked despite knowing full well the questions that were coming. Bruce is more than welcome to quit the job, literally everyone bar him would be buzzing if he did.
  11. It’s mint that I can now watch this without being fuming about what a fucking tit he is he’s just now a minor irritation before the club moves on to bigger and better things.
  12. Spot on. Aye there’s no doubt they’re well run, and have maintained momentum and capitalized from those early advantages. I think the last point is key here too, they’ll moan about teams like us and Manchester City doing to them what they are doing to the rest of the league. I also get what you’re saying Rayvin, I personally don’t like Klopp so I find him whiny at the best of times let alone issues like he’s trying to bring up here so just like to point out his hypocrisy. I agree, it’s something we definitely have to get used to I just take exception to people like Klopp trying to pai
  13. It’s rocky foundation though. I’m fairly sure at some point they had a wealthy investor owner who gave them that initial leg up. It’s like how Blackburn won the league off the money their owner pumped in, people romanticize it because by today’s standard the money doesn’t look big but at the time it was.
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