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  1. Brentford was the perfect club for him, very calm, no pressure whatsoever, smattering of people in attendance enjoying their picnics. Win, lose, or draw it was a nice day out. He was class mind, I’d have picked Bruno because he’s Bruno but Crooks is a romantic and soft as shite clearly. Time for Eriksen to join us now.
  2. How mad is it to hear that we’re going after players that Dortmund and PSG have interest in.
  3. Spot on, I always think this when people like Barry “micro penis” Glendenning bring it up - they tend to just come out with outrageous shite about how we’d enjoy live executions or something along those lines, at no point does he think the way he’s using peoples actual executions in this manner belittle or treat the deaths as frivolous? It’s using peoples deaths to point score, if you’re doing that you don’t care about the deaths in the first place. I think raising the topic is perfectly reasonable, but it’s the way Glendenning etc bring it up that I find absurd.
  4. Villa and Everton both offering around 120k a week to Tarkowski apparently, after Villa outbid us by 60k per week to sign Kamara. So basically before the window opens Villa will have added nearly 500k to their wage bill (Tarkowski, Kamara, and Coutinho permanent transfer), and spent £20m finalizing Coutinho. Yet we will be the ones getting flak for spending money . Enjoy finishing 14th, with Stevie Geeeeeeeee.
  5. What about sportswashing Oliver? Not going to bother staying on message you miserable prick?
  6. Spot on. Almiron with 0.05 xG per game as well as angling to leave the club every window yet being hailed as some hero because he runs . I can’t wait until we buy some players and stop hearing this £60m-80m shite as well.
  7. Villa keeper was attacked during the pitch invasion apparently. Are the FA going to bother doing anything about these pitch invasions?
  8. That quote sums him up, it’s also even better now that Howe finished higher despite the squad taking half the season off.
  9. Just saw a man city fan fly face first off the goal as some fat lad tried to climb up and snapped the bar.
  10. Aye it’s canny troubling that none of the officials noticed a bloke just blatantly punch the ball away.
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