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  1. Everton circling the toilet for another season like the mackems did for a decade or so.
  2. It doesn’t matter but it’s a real shame to go into the summer like this, would have been nice to have give these dick heads a kicking.
  3. Couldn’t disagree more with this, the bloke is a very poor full back. Little in attack and his positioning is woeful. Anytime he’s played this season he’s cost us goals, like he did today.
  4. I’ve been very consistent on him, never rated him and thought last season was a purple patch from him. He never got anywhere his man today, as he hasn’t any time he’s been brought on this season.
  5. ASM has been very good today, releasing the ball when he should and has Azpilicueta run ragged. Shame Almiron is playing rugby today.
  6. Almiron is fucking killing us today, desperately need to improve on him in the summer imo.
  7. Chelsea are woeful like, I’m not convinced it’s all going to turn around like the pundits think. They look like they’re losing big chunks of the team that made them a good side over the years and have replaced them with players who have so far been shite. That Mudruyk doesn’t look like a PL player at all.
  8. Why don’t they just start saying you have to be born on the centre circle of SJP to be a mag, anywhere else you should actually be a Sunderland fan cos they said so. They don’t live in reality do they
  9. Aye exactly. It’s also going to be very interesting, given this is lower than the Chelsea and Spurs deals what happens when those deals come to an end with us possibly being a CL side and neither of those being involved, I wonder if we turn around and challenge the fair market value of their deals . Just turn the screw on the cunts after we cut off CL revenue, then lower their sponsorships, and tbf we’d have a lot of support from sides like Brighton, Villa, West Ham etc who would happily see teams like Spurs have their deals lowered
  10. A vintage bottle of blue wkd, aged in an alley, for the special vip customers. Callum the staffy will be wearing his tuxeyyydo, and beyy on best behavior, you best fuckin believe he won’t bite any nippahs. Get yersel a plant dog with some extra fuckin crispy onions and give that Beyoncé a bit of casual racist support like “she’s areyyyt furra…”. Then as the vips leave the black cats clerrrb you can see Callum rutting some of the lerrrcal stray Alsatian’s, a real special treat and really classy like. FTMs.
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