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  1. I think Sandro was always up against it at Everton, the team had no real identity and looked fairly aimless at the start of the season and he only got about 8 games before Niasse scored a couple and was preferred to him. My main issue with him is he’s only 22 and is very inexperienced and I think we need experience in the side, he had a canny season with Malaga and I’d take him on loan tbf but that doesn’t say a lot when Joselu is plodding about. If we got Sandro and Schurrle in on loan I think that’d be a big boost to the strike force (mostly down to Schurrle obviously but I reckon Rafa would get a fair bit out of Sandro).
  2. VAR... really??

    It was interesting that he was saying there have been significantly less fouls and yellow cards since it was brought in, as since players know they’re being watched more closely they aren’t taking as many risks. I think what they were all saying on there was right that the black and white decisions will be helped by it, ones that the official simply missed, but there are a lot of gray areas such as handballs etc where it’s never going to please everyone.
  3. Agree with all of this. The bloke is just a complete fucking arsehole and until he fucks off from the club it’s almost impossible to get excited about NUFC, as we know for a fact he will never ever let the club kick on he’ll just do the absolute minimum possible to cling to the PL.
  4. I didn’t say that tbf, I was more agreeing with the other parts of Strawb’s post as I can’t really speak on the atmosphere. Last match I was at was the Watford home match.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Its fucking brilliant. You know you’re shite when James Vaughn wants out. There was a thread the other day where they were all discussing how brilliant Coleman is, and one bloke mentioned that they’re two places lower compared to when he took over so they just kept bringing up that he’s got more points per game than Grayson
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Really fucking hope they go down.
  7. Spot on. Today was a frustrating one, our lot just couldn’t put their chances away. It’s positive that we created so many though. Imagine if Rafa had a PL level squad of players, we’d probably be safe already man what a fucking wanker Ashley is. Even if he’d just let Rafa get a PL level striker he could comfortably guide us away from the rabble below imo.
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye I saw that in all, they were making a ton of paedo jokes before the Boro match then 24 hours later saying they look forward to him getting out in 2019 so they can sign him again. One even said Johnson got a mackem top for xmas and they said “that’ll make the mags gutted” they genuinely think fans of other clubs give a fuck who people support like they do. I’m definitely not bothered which team a scummy little paedo supports.
  9. Precedent Trump

    I don’t know if it’s him unraveling or if everyone around him is just sick to the back teeth of covering for him. Not that he wasn’t always fucking batshit but it seems it’s getting more absurd by the day. He’s just a complete joke.
  10. The January 2018 transfer window thread

    Aye that Kenedy looks shite. He tried to back heel it in the first half at the side of their own box and gave it away immediately.
  11. Aye I’ve heard the same, think Ashley comes back from holiday in a week. I know he obviously delegates transfers but he always seems to be away on holiday when the transfer window is open the fucking oaf.
  12. Aye, 3-1 up Perez has scored two and the twat is having a pop at him . I get Perez is a frustrating player but he doesn’t deserve stick today ffs.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    “Coleman: Coming here, before we kicked a ball, we knew we were up against it. We have to be a bit realistic. #safc” He’s talking about a side in the same division. Looks like MLF and world class manager Chris has hoyed in the towel like Moyes did last season.
  14. I don’t miss listening to these two miserable cunts on the radio.

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