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  1. Fucking pathetic showing. Another game where we set out with no plan or intent. Onto the next one.
  2. Other games 2019/2020

    I love the way Southgate was presented as a man that will pick on form and what’s good for the team, yet he continues to pick certain players regardless of them having terrible form. Pickford has been a complete liability for at least a season by this point, and as others have said Maguire has been brutal to start the season. Add to those two Harry Kane not being really match fit while he has Calvert Lewin and Ings, both bang in form, sat on the bench.
  3. Other games 2019/2020

    What a total wimp Southgate is with that formation at home to Denmark.
  4. Worded wrong aye, I meant the reports of all the EFL clubs that are in favor of it. Only the 20 PL clubs voted on this plan, which thankfully was rejected.
  5. I understand certain clubs voting for it if you have no real hope / intention of reaching the PL, as you’re simply looking through the lens of short term liquidity so you’re not going to give a fuck about how it shafts anyone from competing in the PL. Seems like that is the real mindset of the mackem ownership then.
  6. The play here would be the rest of the PL teams to propose the same funding deal but without all the bullshit handing all the power to the select group, then they all vote on it with the note that if these clubs really do care to help the lower sides they should jump at the chance. If this deal goes through football is dead tbh.
  7. I love that there are still some sniveling wankers out there defending this whole thing simply because of the part about a loan to the EFL. For the journalists that are defending it I really hope it’s just from a WUM/attempt to farm clicks angle.
  8. England were much improved second half, but agree Belgium were poor. I think that Belgian defence was a bit crap personnel wise which likely helped as well.
  9. He’s played really well for a lot of games for Villa dropping into CM though. If he played Winks and Henderson as the pivots we could have Grealish in there to be more positive. Regardless it would be far better than playing two players (Rice and Dier) who simply aren’t up to par.
  10. Goes 2-1 up and replaced Henderson with another defensive minded CM this bloke is not the man to take this side forward.
  11. Having Dier and Rice play together is completely pointless. Neither offers anything positive, and they don’t break up play particularly well. I’d rather see something like Henderson, Grealish, and Winks (swap out players depending on form and fitness). Southgate is just too terrified to have a go at teams that are in any way decent. Not saying I expect us to go out and control a game against a side like Belgium but at least have a bit of positivity ffs.
  12. The fucking clip of this England starting line up man 3 right backs, and then Dier and Rice ffs. Complete fucking waste giving the talent coming through to Gareth Southgate and Aidy Bothroyd.
  13. Well I think it’s pretty fair to say all that stuff about Liverpool and Manchester United influencing the PL’s “decision” on the Saudi bid looks a little more truthful. Blatant power grab, one which would ruin football. I know it’s a fairly closed shop as is but this would weld the door shut, having a select group of clubs decide who new owners can be ffs. I mean as things stand they’d need 14 clubs to agree, whoever sides with the 6 bellends besides the obvious 3 clubs that will get a rush of blood to their head from being fairly absurdly included in this, all want their heads examined. Saw a quote from the EFL bloke backing this too and he’s giving it the full “well we need to help clubs lower down the chain” bullshit, why can’t we just do that bit of the plan and leave out giving the entire game to a few clubs then? Fucking arseholes.
  14. mackem messageboard gold

    If by business partner he means his laptop uses Windows, then aye they’re his business partner. In other news has the weird little COVID denying wanker saved up enough of his Giro payments to buy that wretched scummy little club yet?
  15. Apparently the money is going to the clubs to cover lost attendance money, but as Winters says it sort of flies in the face of their “we need this to cover that” angle when they’ve spent such an insane amount of money in the window. It’s not like it’s going to lower league clubs right? A day after that bellend masters pleaded with the government to empathize with supporters as well . Cock.

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