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  1. “Inauguration” Wait a minute there’s no way they’ve set this up after all the whinge on about our friendly against Bilbao to prove it’s them that have a “special connection” with a random Spanish side right? Surely even they couldn’t be such a bunch of fucking cuckolds to do something as pathetic as that
  2. Mustoe and Tim Howard saying that wasn’t a pen apparently it wasn’t a clear error from the ref, erm aside from the fact he completely missed the player hitting the ball with his hand. He clearly moved his hand and blocked the ball for fucks sake. Tim Howard is one of the thickest pundits going btw, up there with Agbonlahor.
  3. Very poor performance. A lot of the players I always said weren’t good enough that performed well last season when teams were open against us last season are massively struggling now teams are sitting deeper against us. Almiron and Willock break down all of our attacks tbh. Another shit game by Targett as well.
  4. Can someone teach Willock how to kick a football . We desperately need either a winger or midfielder in January, having Willock, Murphy, Fraser, and Almiron just kill our attacks.
  5. I’d almost rather we play Longstaff than Willock tbh, as it would mean Bruno can play where Willock is.
  6. Almiron is such a poor player, his pressing and everything off the ball is good but if he has to do anything at all with the ball the move is dead. Willock is similar imo. We are playing Bruno too deep really, he can’t impact the game and all we are getting out of him playing deep is Willock giving the ball away.
  7. Aye I think that’s what makes it even weirder, naturally the focus would be on the PL club. I know that Serie A has been the preferred league in Saudi Arabia which is likely where the rumour comes from, but since this is all connected with Vision 2030 and Saudi image on the world stage the PL club would be the focus. It’s similar to the Udinese - Watford connection despite Udinese being the more storied club the focus and funneling of players is to Watford. With that all said as Rayvin says the Italian media is absolutely full of shite.
  8. Why are they still banging on about a possible PiF purchase of Inter . Have they not realized that story is complete and utter nonsense by now?
  9. Tindall definitely had a hand in this transfer, with one eye on his next trip to Dubai.
  10. Adam P’s video covering this SAGA will be a must watch, for Gemmill at least.
  11. He’s got to be steaming drunk, how is he taking this much offense. What an absolute chode. That’s without even going into the fact this is a grown man upset about a 96 year old billionaire who had a mint life, and he didn’t actually know, dying ffs people need to get a grip.
  12. That’s our assurance? Fucking hell, throw it in the fucking sea.
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