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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Honestly not surprised by anything they do anymore. They’re probably one of the scummiest fan bases going, RTG is fucking vile (the mods often go and delete most of the bad threads after they’ve ran their course, see threads supporting Adam Johnson, saying horrific things about Jimmy Hill etc etc).
  2. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Horrific, for balance here are the stats from the fixture at home to Brighton that we lost last season that Luke and this Ugly Mackem bloke love to hold up as an example of why Bruce is comparable to Rafa:
  3. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    There you gan lads, Luke totally ignores the fact that in those losses/draws early on under Rafa the team showed shape and ideas compared to the games so far this season that have showed absolutely no semblance of a plan. We could barely muster up a chance, only scoring a goal that has since been declared an error that VAR should have overruled, against Watford ffs. I get he’s playing devils advocate and sticking up for his mate but he’s making himself look like he knows nothing about football.
  4. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    How much longer do we have to watch Manquillo attempt to play football ffs. All they had to do was buy a full back better than him and they somehow managed to buy one just as shit so now we’re back to Javier
  5. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Think I’ll sack off watching another 45 of this. Two dreadful sides, surely Brighton will eventually finish one of the chances our lot keep gifting, and there’s no hope any of our lot will do owt. Almiron hitting it right at the keeper ffs. 24% possession at home to Brighton and Hove Albion sums it up really. Hurry up and fucking sell the club Ashley man.
  6. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Manquillo is a fucking dreadful player. Every second touch is a tackle, no awareness of what’s around him which resulted in giving away a corner for no reason.
  7. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Looks canny empty
  8. I just noticed Sterling isn’t even playing.
  9. VAR... really??

    If I remember correctly the PL opted not to add the pitch side reviews piece, I think they wanted to try and speed up the VAR process.
  10. For you lovers of fine trainers

    ‘By pre-order of the peaky blinders’ ffs.
  11. Other games 2019/2020

    Aye, the absolute wankfest over them last season was ridiculous. Abraham has something like 7 goals already this season, mad. England have some real top quality in the attacking positions, just a shame the central midfield and centre back positions are lacking.
  12. Ah well, we’d all wrote this one off anyway but it still hurts to see these bastards beat us.
  13. Was Klopp directing his over the top excitement towards Bruce after they scored? When they played it back for the 37th time it looked like he was. Wonder why he’d do that as it didn’t look like Bruce did owt out of the ordinary when we’d scored, it’s almost as if Klopp is a total arsehole.

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