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  1. Edwards is clueless tbh, I’m not going to give him the benefit of thinking he’s a WUM I’m just going to accept what he says as if he actually thinks it. Why does he relentlessly compare Bruce to Benitez? Especially when he basically tries to imply Benitez did a shit job, matching the efforts of a newly promoted side after spending 80m or so on attacking players isn’t exactly the ringing endorsement Edwards seems to think. Much like Pardew I can’t accept using lack of signings as a defence when the blokes themselves constantly defend Ashley over said lack of signings. Also he can abso
  2. Don’t think they call him a paedo enough in that article.
  3. Napping thank fuck . Better here than typing it to him and having my phone vibrating knowing he’s coming out with his spew while being unable to call him a divvy.
  4. Think I’ve just about hit my limit with one of my mates, he’s a big anti-vax type (but denies being anti-vax he’s just questioning things he says). I’ve not seen my father or sister in nearly 2 years at this point due to all the travel restrictions, so my dad hasn’t met his 9 month old granddaughter. Meanwhile this ball bag constantly puts his rants in the group WhatsApp I’m in, arguing with basically the entire group, yelling about his rights and a multitude of other things all the while sharing absolute fucking nonsense articles wrote by people that have zero medical knowledge and acting lik
  5. I agree the target himself is underwhelming, I just mean if we are to go for him it’s pretty pathetic being outbid by Nice. Absolute fucking zombie club.
  6. So Nice and Brentford are the teams to beat us to transfer targets so far, the list of clubs we can’t compete with continues to grow.
  7. Spot on, the same people screaming sports washing at Saudi Arabia are helping Qatar with their own brand of it. They’re as bad as each other, do these people honestly think Qatar just sits on its hands doing fuck all to Saudi Arabia? As that’s the way it’s often portrayed which is exactly what Qatar wants. Saudi Arabia are probably the biggest and the baddest, but they’re kidding themselves if they honestly want to act like the ruling families in the other surrounding countries are shining beacons of humanity. Like you say, I’m all for a higher standard being applied but then we need
  8. Speaking of stupid cunts, Wraith has been on Simon Jordan’s talkSPORT show: What an absolute shoeing he gets by Jordan , claims to have contacts on both sides of the deal. What a throbber.
  9. Exactly, the stupid cunts initial stance was that it was all bollocks and the Saudis weren’t for real, that is absolutely and very clearly not the case. At this point he’s just acting like he called it if it doesn’t happen, as if he knows the outcome of cases before they’ve even started. The very same bloke wrote an article about why it was all bollocks because he didn’t understand some of the filings with Companies house during the bid, he’s an absolute embarrassment tbh and would be better off just piping down rather than embarrassing himself further like he is with all this.
  10. A thread on it by a serious journalist, rather than by a lazy wank like Edwards.
  11. So another fucking pointless season under an owner that’s actively trying his hardest to sell the club. Left to watch Steve Bruce’s minging fucking tactics as well .
  12. Just to remind us of what we were missing out on.
  13. Pardew’s tenure was really big for me in that respect, I remember before him a 3-0 or 4-0 loss felt like a complete fucking hammering, I would be absolutely gutted and embarrassed we got smacked like that, but he seemed to lose matches by those score lines or worse regularly enough that they started to feel like a 2-0 or narrow loss. We’ve had some right plums as manager under Ashley mind
  14. I think the Shaw goal was as excited as I’ve been for a goal in years tbh. I’ve always been a club before country type fan, but I did always watch England. I think it’s just that prior group of players was so immensely dislikable that it made it easy as fuck to shrug off their failures, Gerrard, Terry, Ferdinand, Owen, etc are just complete and utter insufferable up their own arse bellends who played international football purely for personal gain and let their club rivalry ruin what was on paper a good England side. In stark contrast it’s clear the current lot care, and they also se
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