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  1. So we are going to be building on a loss at home to a newly promoted side? I suppose it’s true enough that’s basically the pits.
  2. It’s good that Bruce is finally doing things his way mind.
  3. I don’t think it would bother me half as much if the same bunch of cunts hadn’t been telling us Ashley was mint, and questioning why we’d want Saudi involvement a few months ago . We fucking know Ashley is the problem, Bruce took the job with eyes wide open as Benitez was constantly saying we need investment in the facilities and academy, and that we needed to spend more on players, if Ashley wasn’t going to give in to a manager of Benitez’s calibre Bruce would have known he was getting nowt. The thing is even under Ashley Bruce isn’t good enough, we are heading for relegation if thi
  4. What can fans of a team who have been outside them PL for just two seasons since the early 90’s expect though?
  5. So when we played this lot in the Championship with Bruce as their manager we comfortably brushed them aside 2-0. Now we’re a distant second best.
  6. Aye, the commentator on my stream kept saying he was behind the ball but it didn’t look that at all to me. Impossible to say he wasn’t in an active area when the Schar only swiped for the ball like that due to Watkins being there.
  7. That kit we are wearing is fucking minging as well . Is there anything good about us under this prat of an owner?
  8. Another brilliant take from a twat who is regularly linked to the job. Basically we expect way too much for a club that’s won fuck all, not sure where any of the fans have said they expect to be winning things - I wouldn’t say hoping to win cup games against Championship competition and have a bit of a cup run is too much expectation, neither is wanting to play somewhat competent football. If the Saudis do eventually own us all these fuckers are going to be fuming as they’ll have to come up with a new narrative.
  9. I’m sick of having this arsehole as a manager. If the absolutely dreadful football isn’t bad enough, we have to also put up with the absolute bollocks he spouts when he tries to defend himself. Just constant defeatism, blaming anyone but himself, and general negativity. Twat.
  10. Aye, I understand the assertion that a club might need to hang on and dig out results when first promoted into a new league, but agree this whole happy to be there shite is nauseating. People watch football for entertainment, if it’s fucking dreadful they have every right to complain, I’m not saying we need to be Barcelona but we have to provide some level of entertainment. It’s also a fucking ridiculous assertion that you can only survive in the PL by playing dreadful to watch football unless you’re one of the top sides, the lads in the bottom half of the league are still incredibly talented
  11. Neville clearly watches us so little that he’s not even aware we still have Ritchie in the squad ffs. They just keep re-routing the discussion back to Benitez, I don’t care about Benitez ffs he has no impact on my opinion of Steve Bruce. Bruce is a fucking shite manager, I don’t need to compare him to any of our recent managers to make that argument, we play dire football, we barely get in the opposition area let alone have a shot, and we look all over the map defensively. Even if Benitez was the worst manager we’ve ever had that still doesn’t change the fact Bruce is absolutely bobb
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