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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    It’ll be especially impressive to see how Swamp Rat CEO manages to pass Newcastle on the way up now. His negotiation skills must be absolutely amazing if he is going to be able to convince 4 PL players to come and play for under £2k a week.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    So if that’s per year for a 25 man squad they’d need to average £100k per year, they’re absolutely fucked . At least in future Methven’s plans of breaking the attendance record by handing out tens of thousands of free tickets, and pumping in 90’s Ibiza tunes won’t hurt them as much.
  3. I think the biggest kick in the balls is why this was really blocked (not fully blocked but you know what I mean). To protect the rights of Qatar, one of the countries that are potentially worse than Saudi Arabia , currently in a lot of bother in France over links to funding terrorist organizations (supposedly a driving force behind why Saudi Arabia have cut ties with them as well as part of MBS trying to move the country away from those type of organizations). I agree with the points that KD brings, a lot of it troubles me as well. I think the reason a lot can turn a blind eye is this type of block has only come at our expense, Man City have a similar structure to what was proposed, Leicester’s owners aren’t exactly clean, Abramovic has a lot of baggage, then there are other dodgy owners. I think the human rights issues argument although well founded brings in a gray area of where to draw the line, I know a lot of journos will throw out some phrase about “you draw it at murderers like the Saudis” but then Man City’s owners are similarly dodgy on that ground. I just feel like football has long sold its soul and it’s a bit hard for it to claw that back. The deal was prevented simply due to the PL not wanting to rock the boat with their established teams, and to protect a noisy rights holder, that’s the bit that sits badly with me. If it was rejected due to human rights grounds, and there was a similar reckoning with a push on owners like Man City to change ownership I’d be more willing to accept it.
  4. Precedent Trump

    The reason for Biden is he’s the guy a lot of the moderate typical Republican voters could potentially be swayed to vote for, if they’d went with Bernie a lot would have just voted for Trump. Agree fully with Meenzer saying Biden’s VP pick is massively important, McCain selecting Sarah Palin severely damaged his campaign when he ran against Obama, so it’ll probably be a slightly boring choice to further try and win some voters from the right.
  5. I think that’s a piece a lot of the journalists are missing. The reason most have attached themselves to this Saudi deal is it’s the only show in town and we know it, the club has basically been on sale for 13 years but Ashley’s price puts people off. I know Edwards and those of his ilk are annoyed about the reaction to Mauriss, but the fact is he just seems really off, from the timing of his interest, his links with Qatar, fraud investigations, supposedly bidding £50m over an agreed price despite the fact his bid could only be accepted if the other fell through. I honestly think if he seemed more trustworthy and genuine people would be interested, obviously the Saudi bid comes with super club status potential but I feel most just want a club that will at least try, a club that spends what it brings in and looks to kick on and improve. We finished 5th, got into Europe and all we bought was a midfielder that was clearly brought in with the intention of reselling/replacing either Cabaye or Tiote, that’s the club we are under this cunt.
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye they’re so fucking thick. They’ll complain about their owners but not do anything as that’s what the mags do, then they all whinge that we have no right to complain as they’re worse than us (but also better, it just depends on which gives them the high ground in that particular discussion). Excited for what the homeless looking fella that has a tenner to his name does when he takes them over.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Our classy friends down the road are currently on Twitter berating all of the MPs who have written letters regarding the takeover. They’ve also been demanding why no one is writing letters about Sunderland, to which one Mp replied “literally not a single one of my constituents have asked me to”, they really are a twisted little breed .
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Aye it’s fucking nonsense but as pointed out the mackems will fucking lap it up. The current bunch had that Juan Satori who they made out was amazingly connected and was going to bring all that investment into the club, on the documentary he looked like a bloke who was just happy for a day out and had no fucking clue what was going on while also looking down on the mackems, the fact he’s given fucking nowt to the club besides the quid or whatever he paid the Don points to the fact he’s never going to be this angel investor they’re dreaming of. No doubt this swamp rat has similar idiots ‘backing’ him.
  9. Aye, I expect them to lay it on thick about how much we’re being a deluded set of cunts for not liking Ashley and wanting to target higher that lower mid table. Not that I plan on watching that dog shit.
  10. It almost feels like Staveley and the Reubens are trying to pressure the PL to basically say they’ll approve it as a way to get the KSA back to the table. I don’t see it happening anyway but it seems like that’s what they’re doing.
  11. ITK from Chopra it’s high time to pack everything in eh.
  12. EPL Independent Investigation Petition

    Signed it. I agree with those saying it likely won’t end up doing much but I suppose there’s nothing more we can really do, you’d hope some of the journalists who were going on about principles and ensuring things are ran by the right people etc would want to ensure an abhorrent nation such as Qatar doesn’t have the suspected influence through Bein, so we can fully expect Delaney et al to help give light to this
  13. Aye, he’s just a miserable cunt that just seems to want to point score as you say. He was correct about the BZG bid seemingly being a bit of a non-starter, rather than bother learning about this bid he just assumed it was exactly the same and is now gloating that he’s right (despite the fact he’s not at all, the deal was absolutely happening if the PL hadn’t fucked on). He definitely takes pleasure in winding fans up, but then can’t take an ounce of criticism or winding up back as he always just falls back on that he’s lived in the NE for 20 years then turns off comments for his next wind up attempt. I just hope people start treating him like they should treat the PL, just switch it off, don’t read his shite, or give him clicks. I’d say he’d be worth sticking with if he ever gave any good information, but quite frankly during the time I’ve paid any attention to him he’s not broken any new information that’s actually that relevant, or even given any good insight into something someone else has broke, and honestly it’s just all negative. I mean he’s currently bigging up a potential bid that he somehow finds more credible than the one that was actually in the O&D test despite the fact the bid was being said (pretty sure by him) to have been accepted by Ashley weeks ago just pending the Saudis failing the O&D test, so did that not happen weeks ago if they’re just talking about bidding now yet Ashley and Penfold are 100% committed to the Saudi bid (the hint here being it’s the only fucking bid).
  14. A real meeting of the minds there. What a pair of complete wankers.
  15. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Longstaff is already gone, I think his contract expired yesterday. He was apparently asking for £15k pw, so now we have to spend money to replace him plus whatever wages a new player would want. Fucking useless ownership, but I suppose we’ve known that for 13 fucking years.

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