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  1. “We can't get carried away but back-to-back wins in the Premier League is huge. It sets us up nicely, we've got some tough challenges but this helps. Let's hope our players stay fit. As good as I think I am, I need our best players.” Bruce has to be taking the piss here, not only have we not won back to back games but that best player coming on was the only reason we got any points, the tactics had us losing in uninspired fashion up to that point.
  2. Aye, as Ewerk said the bloke is going to get credit for simply hoying his best player on , there was absolutely no plan before or after that sub it was simply a double sub and hope that either Wilson or ASM could produce. I know wankers like Edwards will crawl over broken glass to give Bruce credit for this but it’s a total stretch to offer him that imo, literally anyone with half a passing interest in football could have managed this with the way ASM burst into the game.
  3. ASM put the team on his back today, simple as that. The fact we looked completely clueless before ASM came on shows how out of his depth Bruce is, it’s pathetic really, I know you always miss your star players but our team can barely play football until ASM turns up .
  4. The ref honestly just gave that high boot! Didn’t even touch our player and got the ball, that ref association must be sweating trying to explain away why that one was a free kick.
  5. That excuse from the ref association is fucking disgraceful btw. It’s text book dangerous play, Tarkowski’s boot is not allowed to be that high, we’ve seen the result of that type of play with injuries such as the one Ederson sustained. Them coming out and basically just sticking by their own when the officials clearly got the decision wrong is exactly why VAR doesn’t work. Why are they even bringing up him winning the ball? It’s completely irrelevant, same as it is when a player lunges into a tackle with both feet.
  6. What the fuck is the actual point in VAR? That’s about as stonewall a pen as you could hope to see
  7. 0 wins, 6 draws, and 19 losses when conceding first under Bruce. The come back is on!
  8. At least we’re not attacking like Norwich tbf. Best just to focus on whatever it is we are focusing on here.
  9. Why the fuck is this throbber still employed by NUFC? You’d think if you had somehow managed to not be in the bottom 3 after the disgraceful run we’ve had you’d pack in risking things. It’s like they’re trying to have us relegated at this point.
  10. I’m glad we play with such balance between attack and defense, would be fucking rubbish being slightly more attacking if it meant we’d suddenly become Norwich and be completely incapable of defending. Thanks for comparing us to a side that have spent as long in the Premier League as we’ve spent in the Championship in recent years, what a brilliant comparison. Again, this pudding faced wank takes no responsibility for getting abuse when he jumps on a comment as light as “maybe they should try and play a little bit more on the front foot” and acts like Shearer said we should have 10 men in the o
  11. Think his absolute clogger centre half son prints the Twitter abuse off and mails it to him. I love that his response is that “we” should just ban all of social media righto Steve you pudding faced menace.
  12. “I wouldn’t know what to do, I’d probably keep turning up here until I figure it out”
  13. For fucks sake man. So they’d need acceptance by Ashley, buy in from any potential new owner, and possibly some type of test by the PL(?) all for what would surely be a fairly immaterial minority stake in the club where they’d have no actual say? Like AH says it’ll be one for the soooopah doopah fans.
  14. It’s an even more pathetic looking brag when West Brom pumped Chelsea 5-2 the same weekend . Honestly man that Edwards is pathetic, I expect it from Bruce but what the fuck is keeping that wanker from dying on this hill? Results like this happen, we could have beat Spurs comfortably 4-0 and everything we’ve said about Bruce is still true and Edwards is still wrong. I honestly have even less respect for the cretin as it’s pretty clear the whole sob story the other week was just a huge flounce, as he was getting hammered for knowing absolutely nothing about football, a single better re
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