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Newcastle United's useless set of glue sniffing cockwombles vs Spurs

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I was in a pub with wor lass down Shields town centre and all we had to keep us updated was Jeff Stelling. When we went 1-0 I screamed the place down in a big bar, turned around and I was the only fucka doing it. At 5-1 you would've heard me in across the North Sea in Denmark. Aye we're down, but we can come straight back up. Ashley knows he won't get a better manager than Rafa, is there one? He should be licking his hole, because for once I'm optimistic for the future if he gets the job full time. Last time we were down there it was a piece of piss, everyone says it was because of our English core. Possibly, but he can inspire players who have far more ability than they have shown this season. Mitrovic would be more than welcome to stay here, but he needs to grow the fuck up.

For once? You were rimming McClaren when he got the job ;)

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