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Noticed this doesn't have a thread, which it deserves. Absolutely brilliant show. So far, I would say it's like almost Breaking Bad good. I'm currently about 2/3 through season 2. Excellent cast. Kevin Spacey is superb; surrounded on all sides by top notch actors and he makes them look like they're all holding the scripts in their hands. :lol:

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I love it too. As you get further into it I don't think you'll maintain the Breaking Bad level of appreciation as that never faltered... but HOC does.


Spacey goes OTT on letting the viewer know he's manipulating someone when he's playing dumb. Get's annoying that someone so machiavelian comes across as so clearly disingenuous. There's fundamental things that happen that you don't believe too. Either that the character would do it or that the people around them would allow it. That said, I thought the last line of the last series was the best moment in the show's history, so I can forgive it the mis-steps when it leads us to places like that.

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