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Editors Gig....


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I'm not but i heard Kubichek have been supporting them? quality local band



Seriously? Arrrrgh!!!! Kubichek are awesome, I've seen them a few times locally and they're really talented..


I was meant to be going to the Editors gig but there's been technically difficulties.... :icon_lol: Fell out with the person who bought the tickets.

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Yep, I'll be there. Really looking forward to it. It's the first time I'll have been to the academy.




Am looking forward to it myself....the Academy is a cracking venue...AND you can smoke ( sssshhhh all you anti-dirty filthy habit people) which is a HUGE plus in my book.

Been to about 6 gigs there now...feel like it's me local :icon_lol:

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It was fucking class :icon_lol:


Even the support bands were good. Can't remember then name of the first lot but the blonde lass was mint. The place was going mad through the Editors set. Loads of jumping around. Even I had a bit of a jump around :(

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Agreed.. :up: Cracking gig, they are better live. They had a canny stage set up.

The first support band was The Fields, canny , but the second support band The Brakes(not positive thats what they were called mind ??) were absolute lunatics , swung from ballady type to neo punk to old punk to country and western ffs, they also threw in a couple of 20 second thrash metal bursts with two lines worth of lyrics such as "Chainey Chainey, your a fuckin Wanker " :icon_lol:


All round good night tho.. :(

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