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  1. Had to lower myself to watch BGT and download the app to vote, but worth it to see Lee win. Top lad.
  2. Anyone see the Inside No. 9 Christmas special? I caught it by chance as I hadn't even heard it was going to be on. It wasn't my favourite thing that they've done but there were some funny bits.
  3. We would've had to pay for that bit and payday is the following Monday so I declared myself OUT. As if I hadn't been on here for like 4 months man. My loafing standards are slipping.
  4. Much preferred this series over the first one, I thought the storyline was more interesting and it was a lot more gripping. Admittedly I do hate James Nesbitt though and he got on my nerves in series 1. Re: the finale, after the prior episodes I actually found it something of an anticlimax, thought it could've been more exciting but overall it was a very good series. I adore Baptiste.
  5. It's all change for Christmas this year as my firm got taken over by a Scottish company. We had a meal at Barluga last Friday (average) with colleagues from the Glasgow and Edinburgh offices. Then on 16 December we have the pleasure of getting on a 7.30am train to Aberdeen (4 hours) wearing our party clothes, meal/speeches/drinks in a 5* hotel then the train back at about 6.30pm. They've booked us onto the quiet coach on the way back FFS. Honestly can't really be bothered anymore but it's free and a Friday off work.
  6. Can't be chewed with a Christmas dinner this year. It's just the two of us and he's not keen on turkey. Think we're doing a chicken madras with all the trimmings.
  7. Huskies are my favourite dogs (I love how evil they look) but I couldn't even entertain the idea of getting one while working all day. My brother in law has a shih tzu and it's one of the most stupid dogs I've ever met. Absolutely thick as shit. Cute though, granted.
  8. Going to Blackfriars for Restaurant Week with family who haven't been before. I've not fancied the look of their menu the last few times but this one looks alright.
  9. This is where I am. Hoping to get through them tonight after blitzing through 3 last night.
  10. Reminds me of so many shopping trips with my mam, getting dragged into BHS while begging to go to McDonald's. Actually quite grateful for it now.
  11. Sundara Karma in September, Pixies in December.
  12. Back to Berlin in December, despite swearing I could never cope with the cold again. Might as well take advantage of the new flights from Newcastle though.
  13. Already planning our next trip.
  14. I don't normally take much of an interest in politics, but I'm genuinely gutted at this result.
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