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Half hour to go....


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...til MOTD :lol: DVD at the ready to record.


Can't wait.


No doubt the BBC *spits* will have us on at the end to keep the audience figures up? :nufc:


And no doubt there'll be a power surge around Albania on Wear as thoosands of tv's are switched off at 22:29 :lol:

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Loved their Shearer send off. I bet when Henry retires he'll have a fucking half hour special program all to himself.



I wouldn't be surprised if BBC *spits* do a 'special' for Shearer. After all, he is supposed to be going to 'work' there and he is a legend in Premiership history.


Once again, the fuckin' BBC *spits* made sure that the volume was turned down for the game giving the impression of less atmosphere :lol:


Aaaaaaaaaaand, Tony 'I hate Newcastle' GUBBA commentating FFS!!!! :lol:

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I knew our game would be on near the end when I heard Gubba interviewing Roeder after the match. He's well down the BBC pecking order now.



He is. He's probably only on around £150,000 a year for his troubles as well, poor thing.

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