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The Highbury Squirrel

Dr Kenneth Noisewater

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He's got one thing Spurs haven't got.....................
































Champions league experience !!!!

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They've got a bit of history with them apparently:






How the FUCK did you come across that web site?? Wildlife Geek, per chance???(hence the username)



Wildlife Geek? No


Normal Geek? Yep, pretty much so.


Everyone was going on about this bliddy squirrel so I just googled "Arsenal Squirrel" and it was down the page. There was also a bit on wikipedia about Nigel Winterburn:


Winterburn was affectionately nicknamed 'psycho-squirrel' by the Arsenal fans.


Which made me chuckle.

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There's rumours flying out of Highbury that the squirrel actually appeared out of Sol Campbells arse! He couldn't find a gerbil a la Richard Gere so settled on the unfortunate squirrel instead.  :lol:




One of the presenters on radio five this afternoon said people at Highbury were being searched in case they were smuggling in a squirrel.


A wind up, shirley?

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