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Save Screech's House!

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Former "Saved by the Bell" funny man Dustin "Screech" Diamond is in danger of losing his home.


Diamond's house is being foreclosed on because of $250,000 he owes under a land contract, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday.


But Diamond has come up with a plan to keep his Port Washington, Wis., property for a bit longer. He announced during an appearance on Howard Stern's satellite radio show that he has started a Web site, www.getDshirts.com, where he is selling t-shirts for 15 dollars apiece to try and save his home.


He is planning on selling 30,000 "I paid $15.00 to save Screeech's house," T-shirts, with the third "e" added, he said, to offer a technical separation between the fund-raising shirt from the "Screech Powers" character on a copyrighted show.


"I think there's a lot of people who think it's funny," Diamond said. "It's not a hoax. I wouldn't draw this kind of attention to myself for nothing."

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I've got a mate who is the spitting double of Screech.  It's the bane of his life  :blink:



Can you bring him to a piss up! :rolleyes:



Or at the very least buy him a T-shirt...

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From the website:


"Let's face it, if he can't find the time to work on a mortgage for a famous celebrity, how will he handle the average person?"




I had some sympathy up until that point. If you're that famous a celebrity you'll be able to stump up the cash without peddling shitty t-shirts, you tosser! Famous homeless celebrity before too long.


One phone call later I was telling the Stern show what had happened.  Time to pay the piper Arthur. You shouldn't have f...ed with the Dman.


Zack or AC Slater could get away with that talk. Screech can't. :rolleyes:

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