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Gerrard dubs Ronaldo a 'disgrace'

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Gerrard dubs Ronaldo a 'disgrace'

Steven Gerrard has branded Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo "a disgrace" for his part in Wayne Rooney's sending-off at the World Cup.


Gerrard was furious when Ronaldo got involved after Rooney appeared to stamp on Portugal defender Ricardo Carvalho.


"Sadly a dark side stains Cristiano Ronaldo's game," writes Gerrard in his autobiography, which is being serialised in the News of the World.


"His part in Wayne Rooney's dismissal was a disgrace."


The Liverpool midfielder, who was appointed vice-captain of England this week, expressed particular dissatisfaction with the wink that Ronaldo appeared to give to his team-mates on the bench after Rooney had been dismissed.


"What really [got to] all the England players was Ronaldo's wink to his bench. It was a wink which said 'job done'. How could he do that to his Manchester United team-mate?


"On the bus after the game Wayne asked me: 'What do you think about the wink?'


"I said: 'Honestly, Wazza, if we were playing Spain and [Liverpool team-mates] Xabi Alonso or Luis Garcia winked at the referee or gave a signal for me to be sent off, I'd never speak to them again.'"


When Argentine referee Horacio Elizondo halted play and then brandished a red card, Gerrard initially thought it was for a Portuguese player.


"Players like Carvalho are damaging football, not Wayne Rooney," writes Gerrard.


"It's coached into them that when an incident like that happens, they go to work on the ref.


"Ronaldo was at the front. But the blame does not just rest with him. Five or six Portuguese players were at it."


Gerrard also believes England's players' cockiness in the World Cup cost them dearly.


"We are not as good as we think we are. England were guilty of over-confidence. Me and the other players constantly claimed we could win the World Cup - it was stupid."

Story from BBC SPORT:



Published: 2006/08/12 22:30:12 GMT



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Although what he says is true, words kettle and black come to mind.


Put it this way: It would be great for football if we could have exact same interview but with the name Gerrard being replaced by the name Blatter.

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WAYNE ROONEY has sensationally admitted HE tried to get Cristiano Ronaldo BOOKED before he was sent off in the World Cup quarter-final with Portugal.


Ronaldo, Rooney's team-mate at Manchester United, has been heavily criticised for approaching Argentinian referee Horacio Elizondo over the incident that saw the England striker sent off.


But now Rooney, who may miss the start of the season with a groin injury, has claimed he attempted to influence the ref to give Ronaldo a yellow card for diving. "I won't deny that I was disappointed that Cristiano ran over to the referee that night but other players ran over too and at the end of the day we weren't teammates that night - we were rivals," said Rooney.


"A lot of players ran over and even if you look at the game in the first half I was trying to get him booked for diving - but people probably haven't seen that.


"We spoke on the night and he said he hadn't run over to deliberately to get me sent off.


"I told him not to worry about it and things between us have been fine since then. He's a good friend of mine."


Rooney's admission comes just a week before United kick off their new season - with Ronaldo facing the wrath of Premiership fans across the country for his part in Rooney's dismissal by Elizondo.


The red card effectively ended England's World Cup dream and led BBC pundit Alan Shearer to suggest Rooney should "stick one" on Ronaldo when the pair returned to training.

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I remember watching an interview with Gerrard on Football Focus.


2 gems: First was him trying to pronouce the word "critics"....chhhhhrichhhhtichhhs ;)


Second, was this sentence: "I'm not going to rest on me morals." :)

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Fancy a scouser selling his story to the NOTW as well ;)

Edited by Sima

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Wonder how Liverpool fans feel towards him for letting the NOTW publish this.


Not exactly the most popular publication on Merseyside...

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