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  1. Released on Wednesday for Xbox and PS3.
  2. Different phone but my home button stopped working, I downloaded a software update and it all started working again. Probably worth checking in store though. I can't even do that as my pc doesn't recognise the phone when I plug it in. Will take it to the store but I reckon it's fucked
  3. Dropped mine before and now the home button doesn't work and it won't charge Reckon if I take it to the Apple store they'll fix it for me?
  4. ive been making it last but im getting to the end of the campaign now I think, its been absolutely epic, in the proper sense of the word, it feels huge, the battles are enormous and can be finished in your own style the RPG fan in me has loved that I get to make my own spartan character to take through the campaign even if it is all just cosmetic Sounds good. Might rent it first and see what I think.
  5. Has anyone played this yet? Tempted to get it but wasn't keen on Halo 3.
  6. This "goal alert" thing for the Champions League on Sky is canny good like
  7. Starts again 13th September on e4
  8. That article is over 3 weeks old.
  9. I'm the same. Will probably rent number 3 and see what it's like but I just couldn't see what all the fuss was about with the first 2
  10. Paul

    Fallout 3

    Played this for the first time yesterday, I want to love it but I really can't get away with it.
  11. Gave up playing this a while back but I started again yesterday, from the beginning. Getting through it faster this time as I'm skipping the early cutscenes. As has been said though, nowhere near as good as the earlier FFs.
  12. OS4 fucked up push notifications for anyone else? Mine don't seem to be working
  13. Serves the sad cunt right
  14. How do you do that? .. How bloody amazing is this?! Cheers Tooj what? Streaming Morricone as a substitute soundtrack to the game. How do you do that mate? Stream from pc to xbox?
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