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We are the loyalest.....football supporters....the world.....has ever had.





Apart from getting a few insults, I'm actually enjoying the forum.


There is a negative mentality running through the club and it IS the fans.


At Lazio, Sven brought in a mind coach to help the club BELIEVE it could succeed.


It won it's first title in 20 years or so.


You can think I'm a c*nt, I'm sure I'll get over it, but I'm a fan and I think there is a negative impact on the club with all the moaning.


Last year Boumsong was a revelation, now he's a donkey.

If Jenas goes to Arsenal I bet anything he'll be great.


The players at Newcastle are excellent.


I'm not saying I wouldn't have preferred Martin O'Neill or Arsene Wenger but Souey is who we have. He has won LOT OF TROPHIES including one at Blackburn.


Fuck me I'd settle for a Worthington cup. It would make us believe we could win again.

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I don't think you're a cunt, but I don't think the club is being run well and I don't think we have a very good manager.


Forgive me if those two factors don'y exactly make me want get up and do a little dance every morning.



I think he's an extremely deluded person, or a mackem on a wind up

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These fans are the same fans we had when we were doing well. And when we were underachieving (although jesus christ, I'd love to be "underachieiving like that again) there we're groans, grumbles and boos. Cricism of tactics, of the manager, of timing of sustituations, of players attitudes, when people thought it was warrented. Did robson and the players go "oh no, negative attitude!" The fans didn't like me selling nobby! The crowd weren't happy with me waiting to make a sub till the 80th minute! Some one said I was a lazy french twat! Lets whither and run and hide, lets not score in 270 matches, lets finish 14th with a previously champions league qualifying team!"


The fans are constant. What has changed is the manager. Supporting a manager who is damaging the club before the club itself is not supporting the club at all.

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