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  1. days. weeks. months. who knows?
  2. So I've been away from technology for the last week, what is the first thing the new owners have done? which out of favor international star have we signed first?
  3. Other games 2019/2020

    tbf a chicken and stuffing sandwich sounds nice, but then again i skipped lunch.
  4. PL hasn't had to do anything though, SA is the one acting.
  5. 2 is what i thought when i read that.
  6. Its a nothing story (again), basically the cunts at BeIn hired a lawyer who came up with a legal opinion that aligns with their point of view. Fuck off, just further proof no one knows what the PL are going to do.
  7. General Random Conversation..

    i'll never understand the appeal of this medium, the interwebs are toxic enough for me.
  8. Recommend me something to watch!

    i'm just getting to end of the 3rd season, it doesn't disappoint.
  9. In 2017 Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed all ties with Qatar over the country’s alleged support of extremist groups and interference in neighbours’ affairs. Now the repercussions of that once parochial squabble have reached Gallowgate, and Geordies fear their dreams of returning to the Champions League may prove a cruel chimera. Although sources close to the Newcastle deal remain confident the takeover will be rubber-stamped in the next week or so, geopolitics have replaced Joelinton’s goal drought as the stuff of Newcastle fans’ nightmares. made me laugh

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