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  1. Other Games 17/18

  2. Other Games 17/18

    indeed, but you lot always think we're yanks.
  3. Other Games 17/18

    canadian tv execs think anyone with an accent is ok, not half as bad as Danny Fucking Dicchio though.
  4. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    that's given me goosebumps.
  5. if you heard a joke today, post it

    not seen a scouser this excited over one leg, since Paul McCartney met Heather Mills
  6. this is what troubles me, how certain can we be that he will actually sell the club? as soon as we are safe he better get the for sale sign on the lawn.
  7. I come in peace!!! Cancer has no colours

    Congrats! You ran HOW far on those chicken legs?
  8. Bassong would've done well to remember the words of Public Enemy, don't believe the hype. Especially when the hype is about yourself.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Glad to hear its not spreading Stevie, stay positive and keep doing what you're doing.
  10. Saw Ladybird, meh. Not sure what all the fuss was about. Terrible ending, almost like the batteries in the camera gave out.
  11. LBW

    Condolences to you and your family HF.
  12. I come in peace!!! Cancer has no colours

    Done and done, good luck.
  13. Winter Olympics 2018

    The Canadian Government has been putting large amounts of money into amateur sport, seems to be working.

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