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  1. what a twat, this will always be (for me) why Messi > Shite Ronaldo
  2. Bitcoin

    This, i think if you invest solely in BTC you're selling yourself short. IMO one would be wiser to be investing in companies that are building their businesses on leveraging the blockchain technology, they will be able to prosper because they are making money from ALL the cryptocurrencies, not just BTC.
  3. Bitcoin

    i had some stock in HIVE Blockchain Technologies, their business model is that they provide secure servers for the blockchain transactions to be complted on, and in turn they can charge a small fee in bitcoin. the SP skyrocketed by 6000% over the course of a couple of months. cue my poorly timed entrance to the stock, i was up $2k in a couple of days ($1200 initial investment) so i bought some more and it went up for about 4 hours and then tanked. tried to wait it out but finally pulled the plug for a loss of $800, and its still not back to where my required level was. i am still investing in weedstocks right now, started on Sept 20 initial investment of $10k, as of close today i'm up $7200 which includes my loss mentioned above.
  4. This pack of arseholes vs West Brom

    we were playing against 10 men at the end.
  5. General Random Conversation..

    could be a blood clot, mate of mine had the same thing ended up being a blood clot. go see your doctor.
  6. Craft Beer

    http://rosslandbeer.com I like it, the above company are a couple of my friends, started small (still small) but are growing their brand. The first year they were open they won the National title for best Stout.
  7. Staveley, though, has the financial backing of her PCP Capital Partners firm, which has access to around £30billion of Middle Eastern wealth, and news of the progress being made will delight Newcastle supporters who have been desperate to see the back of Ashley for years.iddle Eastern wealth, and news of the progress being made will delight Newcastle supporters who have been desperate to see the back of Ashley for years. Ewerk this is from the column the good Dr just posted.
  8. She is the head of the company PCP, and they are interested in NUFC. PCP is a consortium of investors based in the middle east worth $7Billion
  9. I thought the new Blade Runner was really well done, while I agree with you that the first one was superior, I feel like my preference may be due to the age I was when I saw it. I thought the new one was a 9/10, it could have easily been a phone in for the studio but it was carefully put together to continue the story. It asks many of the same questions (what is it to be human? do robots have souls? ) but in different ways, I thought RG was really good in it as was HF. Agree with David Kelly that it will continue to bear fruit on further viewing, planning on seeing it again.
  10. Newcastle vs Stoke

    he's a mackem teenager for sure.
  11. The Boxing thread

    His speed and precision is like Jones Jr and his ability to avoid being hit. Pacman always seemed like he just had a hard head, came straight in all the time, although tbf I had lost interest in boxing by the time he was a big deal so my exposure to his fights is limited.
  12. The Boxing thread

    What's the consensus on this guy? Reminds me of Jones Jr in his heyday.
  13. Only in America

  14. Gigs 2017

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!! But a roller coaster as well as the evacuation was on and off, finally got some rain on Sunday morning so they decided to keep the festival going. The Orb was great but a much different set than you'd expect at a festival, had loads of nods to their ambient house hits. DJ Jazzy Jeff was one of the best sets of the weekend, his scratching is head and shoulders above most other Dj's, JFB was rediculous and we got to hang out with him on Sunday afternoon while he practiced his set. Had never heard of WBBL and as such his set was the surprise of the weekend for me, played lots of classic tunes and you could tell how stoked he was to see the Fractal Forest going off the deep-end. Sadly LTJ didn`t make it to the festival, plane could land because of smoke. I took loads of video but the sound is fucking terrible, might try to clean it up a bit and will post them if it works out.
  15. Gigs 2017

    Should be good, new wrinkle is that there is a forest fire about 10.5 km to the south-east so there is an evacuation alert in the area. 10000 festival goers and another 4-5000 in staff and volunteers would need to G.T.F.O. in a hurry if this fire flares up. maybe i'm just not meant to see LTJ live.

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