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  1. a fact that is only magnified by his undisguisable hatred for NUFC, it colors his opinion on everything.
  2. no Haaland in the BD side though. Still opposite to what I would have expected.
  3. As per Birmingham Live, he said: "You look at it, and you want to go away - but the only way is to get back on the horse. It's gone, behind me, now we move forward. "Newcastle is gone. It's a chapter of my football life. I want them to do well under Eddie. In a few years they might think finishing 12th and 13th mightn't have been so bad after all. "Now it's time to take West Brom forward. what a deluded fuckwit, where does he see us being in a few years??
  4. i just don't understand PIF logic here, your investment is worth more playing in the PL. You gotta spend money to make money.
  5. 100% agree, we score and we're immediately thinking "just have to hold on" instead of "lets put these fuckers to the sword"
  6. Shelvey was fucking terrible this week, spent the whole first half walking about. We need 2 new mids IMO
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