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  1. Oh wow. Maybe I can keep my shirt for one season more then, until we get promoted
  2. So what does our shirt look like with Championship numbering? Better yet, what does Championship numbering look like?
  3. As long as we get money coming into the club and the manager is happy, I'm happy.
  4. Barton to Spurs? Tell me it's a dream It probably is all lies anyway
  5. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_5356365,00.html Just a matter of time before it's officially official I suppose. As long as we've got Shearer come the first day of the season and we have a squad capable of doing well, I couldn't care less who owns the club (OK, I lie, get the fat cunt out and fast.)
  6. Young people who think they know everything. There is nothing more annoying than snotty kids who dont understand what happens to your body and mind when you get old. they should all be whipped. Nothing happens to you when you're older to make you think every young person is a hooligan or that they're going to rob you, nothing happens when you're older to make you feel that it's ok to pay in 1p coins for an £8 purchase, I know that somethings can be because of their age but some of the annoying traits have nothing to do with age.
  7. Haha, I'm not into the whole debate about Wimbledon v MK (), just support them cause of my dad. I wasn't even around to see Wimbledon in their prime tbh.
  8. Haha, what can I say? My dad used to play Premier Manager 97 and he took over Newcastle. His star player was Alan Shearer and I just really liked the name Newcastle (cause I thought there was a New-Castle up there ) Stuck with them ever since I suppose. Although only really started taking an interest in football in about the 2003/4 season. Completed the Merlin Stickers Album that season
  9. I like it when a cock goes up my bumhole and tickles the hair inside. Checkmate.
  10. Got about 5 GCSE's next week so have to spend this week revising, thus spending it indoors. Where's the justice in that? Although I knocked in a good 2 hours of footy today so I'm quite happy
  11. I'm a sucker for a "thank you" when someone truly means it. Not like the "thank you" for holding the door open but like when you've truly put effort into it. It's mostly when I've had long talks with someone. I had a talk with my mates brother about how to approach school now that he's just about to start Year 10 and he has no idea what options to take etc. Hard for him cause his brother is always busy, parents are quite neglectful and whatnot so he doesn't really have a chance to talk to anyone. Then my mate had an argument with his parents and walked out of his house and texted me to
  12. If he's so good, why did Southampton give him the boot? Not doubting his ability, just wondering. P.S - Give his myspace a look http://www.myspace.com/nilosriver
  13. Watch how when there's more at stake in front of a bigger crowd in the final tomorrow, she's fine with her nerves all of a sudden. Or she bottles it and cries again and gets fucked off by the judges. Hopefully the latter.
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