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  1. Hughton Sacked

    WoW - feel sorry for the supporters. Thought it was too quiet and smooth runnings up in the North East this season then bang this happens!
  2. The other teams transfer window thread

    Bout time we bought some defenders. Although I was keen on seeing the 1-2-7 formation for the first time. And £3m for Ched Evans is a good deal for everyone. He'll score 15-20 in the Championship but will only ever get 5 in the Premiership. One of those classic "inbetween league" type strikers. We have a sell on clause and I imagine him been sold for around £6-8m when he has a good season in the Championship to someone like Sunderland or Fulham. But he will be found wanting back in the Prem.
  3. The other teams transfer window thread

    Just added Stuart Taylor (from Villa ex Arsenal) to our ranks in addition to RSC. This will allow Hart to go out on loan to get first team Prem experience and further develop his skills. A good two days so far.
  4. Back to the future.

    Our attendances are indeed a strange oddity. Averaged over 28,000 in the old third division, had to expand Maine Road in our championship winning season under King Kev and the a 5000 waiting list when we moved to Eastlands. Since then our attendances have bottomed out at around 43,000 leaving around 4000 empty seats every game. It seems that we do only get really excited about our team when they are on the edge of diaster. And been the richest club in the world does indeed push you into the elite clubs - Real, Barca, and AC Milan have all requested meetings with Citeh this year to discuss the future.
  5. New away shirt.....

    LOOKING GOOD But I think I prefer this shade
  6. New away shirt.....

    LOL - who on earth signed that design off - Gok Wan? Still we got promoted in a yellow and dark blue kit so maybe it'll become a fans favourite by May.
  7. the sooner you sack him for gross misconduct the better. He'll bring you nothing but trouble in and out of the dressing room.
  8. Ashley has outdone himself

    That's quite interesting - when we went down in '96 we all thought we'd win the league and have a great laugh winning lots of games. We never thought we'd go down another division. Championship footy needs players to play as a team more than individual skill, that was the mistake we made. It's time to get lots of grafters into your squad, especially midfield and Joey doesn't count
  9. Ashley has outdone himself

    Now that is something you really don't want to happen Our club has always been a bit of a joke for the media to pick on and we didn't help ourselves with the likes of Swales and Lee fighting each other when we went through our worst period in recent history but Ashley has really taken on the mantle of joke chairman. The best thing you could do is get a loyal and rich(est) <i.e. a couple of hundred million) accountant in to run your club. Without David Bernstein and John Wardle taking over us in the old Division Three we would have never have returned. It's time for accountants, not football fans or politicans to be in charge to get the house in order otherwise it could be a very messy future for you. Don't be under any illusions, getting out of the Championship is tougher than it looks.

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