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  1. saw this today on the news it was some tunnel was closed they must of driven in and it came ontop of them. What a horrible way to die RIP
  2. i bought the first one when i stayed up there thought it was really funny and liked the interviews with past players and look back at old games. not been able to get my hands on one since.
  3. any text commentry anywhere? seeing as theres nothing else.
  4. when i bought this seasons maroon kit it said on the tag away/third kit so will we still have a third kit or is it just the two?
  5. what date are we playing cardiff in a pre season friendly?
  6. i watched the first series in one day because once i watched one i wanted to know what happens next im now upto third episode of series two must say danaerys is gorgeous
  7. i watched it thought it was crap i expected to be proper grossed out by it but all i saw was three people stuck to each other arse i see people up my managers arse everyday in work this was just a remake of that!
  8. 1. Tea 2. 4-5 3. i would say its popular as everytime im in newcastle visiting my daughter and father thats all i see anyone drink and my gran has that ringtons tea (mentioned above) delivered to the door.
  9. dirpy.com is the best i use can do mp3 and different video file types and it is really simple to use aswell
  10. i done a bet in coral yes no bet i got chelsea score first yes goal before 25 mins yes 12 or more corners no 5+ yellow cards no liverpool first yellow yes chelsea last corner yes 33/1 just chucked a quid on for it to be a bit more interesting chelsea i want to win fucking hate scouse supporters
  11. i have to put volume on the stereo at an even number for some reason i think its bad luck on an odd number
  12. 17 to 23rd fucking bastard missed the last transfer window!
  13. just bought pack of four Amigos from tesco tequila flavoured beer absolutely stunning i'll be drinking this more often 6%alc not bad
  14. bernie is a fucking cock end anyone else notice force india was not shown on tv?
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