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  1. Stupid pavements always killing people ! That has happened to 2 of my friends now on separate occassions. The person deserves a slap and the pavement kills them or puts them in a wheelchair.
  2. 2 years next month. Its a record for me, I usually get bored after 8 months and leave. I then take a year off and start the cycle again but i`m not getting any younger so i`m trying my hardest to stay in this job.
  3. Just found this, don`t know if its old but its some kid kid falling out of a ride. http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-35608651387949808
  4. For those that have a dodgy stomach from drinking last night. milkshake
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/New-Life-for%20Sale...emZ110078904033
  6. With friends like that... I felt bad, I finally had the balls to tell him about 2 weeks later, luckily for our friendship he laughed about it.
  7. Mine was when I was 16 with my friends Ex Girlfriend. She finished with him and he was devastated so I said I would go and have a word to see if I could get them back together. Unfortunatly for him I ended up with her.
  8. I was randomly browsing you tube at home for some reason, its all I do at work but anyway I found this. Its Singing in the rain vs StarWars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeYgju2qopM Also heres the VW Advert one, I`m sure theres some footage of this dancer earlier in the thread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26D237eGx8k Also in this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0xPrTc1Vxw
  9. Didn`t Anal oliver say something about a 6ft 4 defender coming.
  10. Norfolk, Lowestoft and upwards sound like farmers. Very thick sounding. Luckily although I live a few miles from those areas I escaped the accent.
  11. Snowing down here now. Its crap unless its in December. Its more boring at work aswell, we get alot less women visiting the Hairdressers, Nail Bar, Tanning Salon and bridal shop on this road.
  12. He has a point there. If you class that picture as porn then you have led a very sheltered life. I`m sure if a boss saw that on your screen but you explained it was on a football site there would be no disciplinary action taken. I certainly wouldn`t take any on my staff. You see worse in FHM and Zoo these days don`t you. Personally I think it was just an excuse to get rid of you mate. Mind, I'd sack on the spot anyone who read FHM or Zoo, just as a matter of taste. Heh yeah its crap thats why I wasn`t sure if it was the same type of content. These magazines are on normal shelv
  13. Have you seen the Simpsons when he goes to the chiropractor who says you need to come and see me 3 times a week forever. Chiropracters are quacks tbh. Stress can cause back and neck ache. I suffer from that then it usually leads to migraine.
  14. how the fuck would you know? Me, I know for a fact, so shut you pie hole go and find your work's internet usage policy and come back to me I think you'll find that in the real world (of which clearly you have very little experience), there is something of a dichotomy between the official hard line stance of a codified policy and the reality of the situation. It's very unlikely that- so long as it doesn't hamper productivity- an employer will bring disciplinary action to simple browsing of the internet. However, if they caught you looking at tits, then it'd be an entirely different m
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