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  1. Blackburn Rovers - Newcastle United 0-2

    shola's a funny one isn't he. he plays second fiddle to shearer for most of his career. then he finally gets a chance, then another chance, then another run in the team. never takes it. what a waste of a career. Don't think he's wasted his career really. Probably achieved far more than any other player as shit as him has. He's score in the Nou Camp and got an FA Cup Semi Final goal ffs
  2. Blackburn Rovers - Newcastle United 0-2

    We were really poor defensively especially in the first half, I can remember 2 or 3 occasions when they were able to get in behind us with simple balls over the top. Second half we defended well though, Perch changed the game
  3. Blackburn Rovers - Newcastle United 0-2

    How is this ever 2-0. Perch has been really good since he's come on though, been smart on the ball throughout and he's got back to make a couple of blocks too.
  4. the Craig Bellamy enigma...you decide!

    Tbf, even though he is an arsehole I think helping out some starving kids far outweighs being a pest amongst the pampered world of footballers.
  5. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    I think people underrate Pardew tactical at times, sure he's made some bad decisions but mostly he's been fairly decent, certainly the games where we've been exposed have been outnumbered by the matches we've been tactically astute. I thought that post from the other website was pretty stupid in the way that he complained about Ryan Taylor starting over HBA. Ryan Taylor was brought in for the United game where we wanted to keep things tight and most play lofted balls up to the strikers, an approach which plays to Taylor's strengths. He's obviously another one on the HBA bandwagon though, but Pardew has been right to leave him out at times even though he's obviously one of our most talented players there are games where we'll be playing against teams when we can't get away with having a player who gives the ball away so often. Obviously we could do with a more tactically astute manager but would said manager be able to get the best out of the players and create the sort of unity Pardew has? I think there are very few managers around who could do that and I can certainly think of a fair few managers we've had in the past who have been partly responsible for creating a really volatile atmosphere in our dressing room. We're going places with Pardew, it's clear that we're being noticed around Europe as being a notch above the rest of the also rans in our League and the incredibly professional way Pardew has approached the job is definitely a factor in that. He's got his weaknesses but all managers do and anyone suggestion that we get rid of him at the moment is madness ffs.
  6. Papiss Demba Cisse

    Hope not. Ramadam is a bad enough period of the season for us as it is...
  7. NUFC vs QPR

    Ben Arfa was pish. Not as bad as Ray Wilkins though.
  8. NUFC vs QPR

    Except against Man U? Bit racist calling Ba a meathead, no?
  9. Newcastle United vs Everton match thread

    Not a bad little read. We don't wanna get carried away though and I still think if we finish in top 7 it would be a great achievement. Nice to see Ba in the top five scorers. What website is this, seems interesting! Daily Mail, surprisingly. Marveaux looks miles better than Obertan.
  10. Sunderland v Newcastle 20/08/2011 prediction

    Wes Brown > Colo I reckon. Brown looked really class the other day against Liverpool.
  11. Newcastle after Barcelona striker Keirrison

    He's absolutely rubbish anyway, just another hyped South American who has failed everywhere he's played in Europe and couldn't even get into the Santos team when he was loaned there.
  12. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

  13. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

    Ranger is never going to score
  14. Newcastle Vs Tottenham


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