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  1. When was the last time we beat Man Utd? Was it the 4-3?
  2. "I'm a shit manager, get me out of here" or something along those lines.
  3. So if all the really good managers we approached to replace Graeme Souness turned us down (as if we'd approach any anyway), who would you have as your backup choice for someone who would probably definitely take the job and is still better than Souness? I'd probably go for Paul Jewell. He's an ambitious manager (trying to land Parker, Owen), he can obviously motivate his team, can get them playing real football and fearing no-one. If he had our better players to pick from I'm sure he'd at least get us out of our predicament we're in right now, maybe more.
  4. Gyppos. 17980[/snapback] They did mention that ToonAle have gone through some kind of problems, which I can't remember now, but yeah they're basically stuck on that crappy server for a while longer now.
  5. They need like £2000 to upgrade the server which they don't have.
  6. I wasn't afraid of relegation when the season started, but seeing how we've played 3 matches and never looked like scoring a single goal, I'm now very worried.
  7. Charlton fans chanted that last season in February.
  8. We're in the relegation zone, woop woop.
  9. The team was visibly rotting before our eyes. Dont kid yourself that we were good. We bloody well WERE NOT. How the hell we got to 5th is a mystery. We didnt deserve it, thats for damn sure. It was only the other teams below were just as bad and less lucky. 17588[/snapback] Compared to now, we were Barcelona!
  10. No, I think the Gullit legacy will be completed by whoever Shepherd appoints as the next manager. Whoever it is (and it won't be anyone good) will do what Gullit, Dalglish and Souness couldn't and that's relegate us.
  11. Remember when we were unhappy at finishing 5th and getting to the semi finals of the UEFA Cup? Bet all those who booed at the Wolves game now feel stupid.
  12. Lack of "door openers", whilst ignoring the fact that he loaned the last one we had to Valencia Lack of goalscorers, partly his fault as he fell out with Bellamy and dumped Kluivert Us not having enough players, ignoring the fact he sold so many We were unlucky, ignoring the fact we are shit.
  13. I have a feeling that the Man Utd match will be Souness's last in charge and Shepherd will get off scot free again because everyone will be too distracted by the happy feeling of dumping Souness.
  14. So that's 0 scored 4 conceeded in 3 games.
  15. Well that's us beaten then.
  16. Diouf dived in the box apparently but no penalty given.
  17. Chelsea 1-0 West Brom Arsenal 0-1 Fuham
  18. ----------------------Given---------------------- --Carr----Boumsong----Taylor-----Babayaro -----------Parker---Faye--Jenas--------------- ----Bowyer----------------------Ameobi------- ----------------------Shearer-------------------- I guess that's our team.
  19. Also Milner and N'Zogbia dropped for Ameobi and Faye. Tactical change? Two short players out and two tall ones in.
  20. For some reason I'm feeling we might win, but I have no idea where a goal is coming from.
  21. My only reservation is that he doesn't really seem to want to join us. We're like his last resort and I just feel there's no way he's coming permanently and if he's on loan he'll end up moving at the end of the season.
  22. I read a quite ridiculous thing on Tyne-Talk about this being a transfer triangle. Deportivo want to sell Luque to us so they can get D'Allesandro who will only be sold if we sell them Viana.
  23. Not really looking like it's going to go through. Anyone see Souness on SSN? He sounded very pessimistic about the whole thing. He said he won't settle for 3rd or 4th choice players though and that Luque is the type of quality he is after.
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