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  1. Douggie vs Douggie in negotiations. That should be fun.
  2. Liverpool have released a statement saying they couldn't meet Real Madrids £16m price tag and that they were hoping Owen would turn us down to force Real Madrids hand. They also said they kept calling him all yesterday trying to get him to change his mind.
  3. Give them Faye instead of Milner, but let them keep Faye permanently.
  4. Excellent . I would love it if we crowned off all this positive news with Nobby coming home.
  5. You're missing the Owen heel turn, revealing a Chester City shirt underneath his Newcastle one.
  6. If we signed Solano as well as selling Jenas and loaning out Milner, who exactly is going to play in the midfield, considering Solano is suspended for like 3 games. Faye and Parker in the middle? *gulp*.
  7. What do you expect? All the cockneys are mad he hasn't gone to Liverpool. SACK BENITEZ!
  8. Yep SSN have said he wants away from Villa and more importantly he wants to join us.
  9. The number 4 shirt is available right now is it not? Come on Nobby, you know it makes sense.
  10. Now let's get Solano and the attacking side is sorted more or less, excluding depth issues.
  11. I want you to know that I think all students are brilliant. 19370[/snapback] I was asking you to stay. How rude.
  12. Well, yes but its the unprofessionalism involved as well. Do you see the chronicle or the journal acting that way? 19369[/snapback] It's not much worse than reading about what Alan Oliver had for lunch and who he had lunch with.
  13. Your leaving, would have a catastrophic effect on the teams morale. If you, the only positive fan, leave then all us whinging gits will single handedly make the board, manager and team relegate our club due to overpressure. You must stay for the good of the club, it is imperative!
  14. I know it has a really smug tone, but he's not said anything particularly untrue. Would love it if we signed Owen after all that's been said.
  15. He's not pacey, but he's not slow like Shearer and is mobile and hardworking (which Souness would love).
  16. Not being funny mate, but what's with the Taylor fansite? 19222[/snapback] Are you saying he doesn't deserve a fan site. Such negativity will cause him to underperform.
  17. Well I'd like both, but it's not gonna happen. At least with Kuyt, we don't know whether he does or doesn't want to come here yet, but with Owen we pretty much know he's holding out for Liverpool. Kuyt isn't the paciest striker, but I think he'd suit the lone striker role in this 4-3-3 (ahem 4-5-1) we've been playing.
  18. Luque's like a half winger/half forward in reality . Glad to see we're going after Kuyt, it's about bloody time.
  19. SSN runs continually, hence the constant change over of presenters.
  20. So where is this decision that we were promised by Shepherd then.
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