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  1. Anyone know if the club will give you get a refund if you cancel?
  2. Any scottish residents know anywhere that will be showing the Toon game on Sat?
  3. I've got a spare ticket for the Arsenal game 30 quid if anyones interested. Sir John Hall Stand L4 block V.
  4. I doubt we'd have signed him if his groin was still fucked. I think the Chronicle claimed he passed the medical at both Liverpool and ourselves. Mind you I think they were just basing that on what he said..... Aye, sounds like lpool couldnt agree terms is the reason he didnt sign, just hope he is over the injury problems he had last season. Could turn out to be a decent signing if so.
  5. Seeing as we are signing most of ligue 1 maybe we should adopt some of the chants. Imagine this a St James
  6. Couple of things: 1) It would weaken us 2) He's young and promising 3) The money we'd get would not be significant enough to make a genuine difference 4) We'd need to look rather quickly for a replacement as Harper is neither young, nor promising 5) He's not on large wages 6) His replacement would be 7) He likes it here and is getting his chances Off the top of my head. agreed.
  7. Even by Skys standards it would be a bit of a piss take changing it a week before the match. Can't remember a game being on red button mid-season other that CL games and the last day stuff.
  8. Is it not just because we are half way through the season? Makes sense to me, that way no contracts running out mid way through season allowing players to walk in the Jan transfer window, typically a time when injuries are causing problems.
  9. doubt it, more like a 13th-15th finish I reckon Can I ask what you've seen so far to suggest we'll finish 15th? surely the fact we are currently 15th would suggest we can finish 15th?
  10. I think we have got a real chance of winning this. Tiote has been tremendous again and Jonas is looking up for it. I can see City getting more and more frustrated as the 1st half went on, can see them getting someone sent off. Hopefully that twat de jong.
  11. cant strike a ball properly, cant control the ball, cant head the ball, and yet still here. Still astonishes me.
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