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  1. Agreed. Strange thing is Pardew telling us today he would be disappointed if they weren't fit, while on Sunday he claimed Tiote was definitely out and De Jong only with outside chances ...
  2. Btw, De Jong and Tiote should make the squad for Man City according to Pardew. Been training "well" today.
  3. Aye, remarkable indeed. Probably would have been down a couple of thousand with another JFK-esque transfer window I reckon. Most people where probably at a point in the summer where they thought twice about renewing before they saw 7 new faces coming in and now are curious as to what sort of impact those signings will have on the team.
  4. I have a good feeling for this one, reckon we can snatch a point. 1-1. Attendance will be interesting ...
  5. I said we have more individual class. It's obvious we have more potential matchwinners in the team with the likes of Cabella, Riviere and De Jong. Last year we relied on Cabaye (only half a season) and Remy alone.
  6. I remember when NUFC appointed Fat Sam. There were question marks over his ability to change his style of play. IIRC he stated he would have loved to play more attractive football when at Bolton, but he didn't have the "right resources" back then, so it would change at NUFC. Well we all know the outcome ... My point: Pardew is the same stupid stubborn twat as Allardyce. Over the years he's constantly been saying how his teams "always play on the front-foot", which is basically utter crap as we've only done that for one season (2011-12). I'd say we'll win more games next season simply because of more individual class (Cabella, De Jong etc.), not because of Pardew changing his philosophy.
  7. My impressions from an enjoyable weekend: Malaga game a disgrace, it just looked like we didn't want to play any football at all. I was in the seating area for that one and didn't really see the West Ham twats in the NUFC end, just that there was some disorder for a couple of minutes. Sunday - good game by NUFC, much improved. Never in any trouble at the back. Was in the NUFC standing area for that one and there was a notable change in atmosphere in our end - somehow flat, maybe to do with the events of Saturday. While our supporters behaved impeccably most of the weekend, there was a slight negative after our third goal - loads of Schalke supporters left at that point which triggered a reaction from Newcastle supporters in the form of waving goodbye (which is ok), but it didn't go down too well with a few Schalke lads - they were making obscene gestures, to wich one or two idiots in our end responded to by throwing two cans of beer, while one of them hit a woman right on the head. This was followed by some more provocation from both ends. This was an isolated incident though, both Schalke and Newcastle supporters mixed well, the hosts really made everyone feel welcome. Atmosphere from Schalke was non-existent though, which was surprising. Btw - not that I condone any violence, but the West Ham supporter throwing a pint at Fat Sam got a round of applause from a few ...
  8. Leeds with loads of trouble as well - sacking a decent coach in McDermott, then appointing a recently sacked non-league manager. Oh and there's the owner who had one or two issues with the Italian authorities. Our club looks like Bayern Munich compared to Leeds and Blackpool.
  9. Anyway, anyone going on here? I'll be there, Dusseldorf ist just a short flight away from Zurich. Should be a decent weekend.
  10. Just wondering where NUFC fans will be gathering before the games, not seen anything on .com yet ...
  11. I agree with those who say he's a decent enough, but not a great manager. Looking at all the managers we've had since Sir Bobby, who's really been better than Pardew? Can't think of anyone. We should be aiming higher yes, but as long as we've got Ashley there probably won't be a better manager out there who would want to come here. Even when you look at more ambitious clubs (apart from the teams challenging for the title), I can only see Martinez as a more talented manager. Sherwood? He'll do a Roeder.
  12. Aye. Just saw he was actually asked about this at a Lyon award night, so what is he supposed to say anyway
  13. I reckon as well, but it must sound strange even in French. Basically it doesn't say anything - don't know what this story is all about.
  14. That Grenier quote means nothing at all iyam. Clubs are negotiating, he hasn't been contacted yet, so what is he expected to say? Cabaye said somehing along the lines of he was very happy here and focused on NUFC not too long ago.
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