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  1. General low-mood, prone to odd hissy-fits over grammar and spelling and stuff
  2. Is that you Skidders? lol no, don't associate me with that jerk-off cheers I wouldn't say he's a proper moaner, but comes across as a bit whingey!
  3. Yeh cool photographs dude wooooo
  4. Linked with Nancy I heard. Not sure if there's any clubs interested in him though.
  5. Tiote wants to be playing, I've got £30 worth of bets with Mackems on who'll finish higher, the club should consider this. What's the worst that can happen? 3 game ban at the start of next season? Great news, that way, his return to the first team will coincide with the transfer window closing and they can say "having him back is like having a new signing".
  6. Without wanting a slanging match a bit of friendly advice. Unfortunately this is the point where the debate usually declines into tedium, when a perfectly valid question is asked and isn't answered with anything relevant. If you're going to be opinionated on the subject and take it into every thread, try to give sensible answers to sensible questions instead of trying to 'ridicule' anything that you can't answer, because it just makes yourself look ridiculous, not the person asking the question.
  7. Were you bothered when Hamann left? If you were, what did you do to target those responsible for him seeing Liverpool as a more attractive proposition?
  8. Notice how he says "I" would have done the same, not "we"
  9. “Selling Carroll has left the club weaker but, on that decision, I would have done the same. " Doesn't sound like he'd have given the manager the choice to me. Just saying like.
  10. That time he was shipped out on loan to Portsmouth and we didn't bother to put in the clause that meant he couldn't play against us...nailed on to score and he did. Still grates to this day thinking about it. Celebrated like a cunt too.
  11. Sorry Stevie but that's shite - the only way to increase turnover that much would have been by success on the pitch and ground expansion - how likely was that in 2007? We still had a degree of self esteem in 2007. Our turnover with the additional masses of Sky money since then, it would be £120m+ that is a fact, we're ran like a corner shop, and it'll still be £90m for this season. 07/08 season ticket sell out and we didn't need 6500 cheap family tickets to do it, because the fans still believed we were going somewhere, and at least had a strategy and a target of a minimum of European fo
  12. Huge gamble buying him and expecting him to produce week in week out for us next season. We need a proven experienced striker and he needs to be protected at that age from the weight of expectation. Love him to come here but if we buy him - we still need 2 strikers.
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