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  1. Just arrived at SJP to work - the pitch is absolutely drenched, so are the 1st 30 rows of seats in the milburn stand Pitch inspection due at 7 but there is a good chance we could be seeing another Charlton !!!!
  2. skip to the lou... We've got a forward called Femi he's much faster than you & me we think he's 30 but he says 23 Obafemi Martins
  3. Biggest balls in the premiership by all accounts - in fact it's the sheer size of 'em which prevents him running around as much as he used to, maybe Mrs S needs to get her marigolds on a bit more
  4. How the feck does a ref get away with saying a minimum of 4 mins added time and then, just as we throw the ball into their box he blows up for full time with only 93:18 on the clock Regardless of how shite some of the team played (Shola I'm feckin pointing at you again) there must be some censure to a ref who has blatantly cheated Ball over the line, penalty shout, offside are all opinions and that's how refs get away with making fuck up decisions, but timekeeping is actual, its fact, its indisputeable I wonder what would have happened if it had been Man U and the ref had blown up
  5. damn right, it was almost all coming from Northern Rock as they saw the deal as the best bit of advertising possible - they are not going to want to pay big bucks for a foreign chap, or a sulky, to use as "the face of..." for 4 years
  6. I'm old I remember Mary Poppins: Sing: Lets go buy a kuyt 19885[/snapback]
  7. 300 ??? Just enought to cover an initial surge IN CASE we sign Owen, but not too many to be left hoping we manage to sign Dirk Van Owenstrom from Icelandic side Rekjaviic FC when Michael goes back to his roots
  8. I actually have seen him play...and i am also subjected to watching Shola, Chopra and it kills me to say but what appears to be one season to many for Shearer. We need a goalscorer badly.. 16894[/snapback] Fatih Tekke - is he a distant relation to Fatih Mickey Quinn, of Fatih Paddy K, of Fatih Freddy Shepherd ??? Greggs would be happy if nowt else
  9. Don't hold your breath - I just feel Owen is using Newcastle to get Liverpool to move to get him. Can't blame him, of course the way we are the minute. 16889[/snapback] Agreed but whatever way you look at it, Everton were flatly turned down - he's actually stated that he is willing to join NUFC... 16895[/snapback] Of course Everton were flatly turned down, that would be like Shearer signing for the mackems. We won't get him and Fat Fred will use this as an excuse not to sign anyone else. 16901[/snapback] Completely agree - Owen won't know whether B
  10. I would Love it if he played for us, Love it !! but I really think the reason he has come out and been so vocal is to heap pressure on Benitez and lets face it, it's gonna be pretty hard for Rafa to turn down a fans own hero who is nigh on begging to come home
  11. Why not wipe our arses on the hankies, then wave them? 16380[/snapback] That's just unhygenic! 16386[/snapback] I'll gladly nip down to Poondstretchas and get 4 boxes of 100 mansize triple ply if it means we can finally get Fat Fred & Grumpy to sit up and take notice - mind you if my maths is right I'll need another 100 people to do the same Anyone remember the Scarves out for Sir Bobby from 3 seasons ago - that got about over 5000 people to join in so there's always a chance we'll get more to do this one
  12. "What about the boo's at full time ?" - reporter after West Ham "I didn't hear anything!" - Mr Souness Time has come to help our poor deaf Manager to see that there is a large contingent of the faithfull choir who do not want him to stay White hankies are traditionally waived at Barcelona to show that the fans are not happy, be it with the manager or the President. I suggest that starting at the Man Utd match we follow our Catalan cousins and do the same - Of course we would have to have advise Mssrs Shepherd & Souness what they mean, however I am sure that the message
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