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  1. NOOOOOOOOOO. gonna have to pay big bucks now for one
  2. are all the tickets gone for this? logged onto online ticket sales and no sign of the match on sale
  3. we were too late to get into the 8 bells. was one in one out by the time we got there so we had to have a couple of £4.20 pints of carling in the ground instead. place was hopping but absolutely jammed in!!! if you badly needed to go for a piss or shit you would have been completely fucked ha. went down to the larrik then, bit more space and great atmosphere in there. had a fair share of fosters in me headin for the match!! to add to misery of result i missed my flight to shannon sunday morning so decided the only solution was to go on the beer in heathrow till the next flight which wa
  4. my first away game at fulham and I seen the best and worst of us!!! Talk about a contrast in performance from first half to second half!! only one player stood out and it was AMEOBI for all the wrong reasons. tis an injustice that he was given legs cos he hardly uses them at all. apart from the disaster of the result - there was great banter in the eight bells pub and the larrik pub beforehand. Afterwards met a crowd of american toon fans with coloccini on the jersey all in curly wigs - gas men although i think i abused them about dempsey (which was deserved!).
  5. http://playmatehunter.com/playboys-playmate-index#char_75 click a name and take a look lads or else click here http://playmatehunter.com/
  6. i like your optimism. the cynic in me is forcing me not to get too excited just yet. i'll be more likely to agree with that if we make it through till the end of the month without selling a key player. the manner in which we sold carroll is still fresh in the mind... stop moaning man, you had owners who kept our best players, and still fucking moaned about them. Aye, because we kept a great hold of Speed, Bellamy, Solano etc when we were sliding down the table didn't we? Installed a manager to spend £50million to make the squad worse too. Why do we need to spend £30+million r
  7. am sitting in the "neutral section" of the ground - so not so bad. where would most of the newcastle followers be meeting up beforehand? reckon we could sneak the 3 points out of this one although they have had some good results at home but we are well capable of beating teams of this standard. howay the lads .
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