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  1. We need all three I reckon. Short in all those areas, we could possibly get away with Douglas but Carroll and Debuchy are needed.
  2. We've just got to take it one game at a time in the league, cups and Europe. I am optimistic about next season and don't see any reason why we can't replicate it. It's about time we won something though.
  3. Arsenal are wasting so much money this summer.
  4. Can't believe some of you want AP out. Jesus fucking christ. We're not supposed to be 6th!
  5. Tiote and Cabaye back for the Wolves game.
  6. He was solid today, nothing more, nothing less. Broke up some Villa attacks but also made some stupid passes. Loved his shot just after the goal though, thought it was heading for the top corner at first.
  7. Not his fault, because he didn't try anything. He could have made an effort though.
  8. Not good news for us really. We need him as back-up for the two Dembas as it's fair to say Ameobi and Lovenkrands are inept in the Premier League.
  9. Alot depends on what players Tottenham are missing. They'll be involved in a physical battle tomorrow night and hopefully a few knocks are picked up.
  10. Unfair really that Ireland can be blamed for that goal, if anyone can be it's possibly Given as he could have dealt with that cross.
  11. If McLeish tried it? Yeah, he's probably right. No, if Cisse tried it. Stop being pedant.
  12. An excellent finish today. Was right behind it and from the moment it left his foot it was always heading into the top corner. McLeish said if he tried it another 10 times it would have been in the stands.
  13. I suppose Spurs could only get a draw with Wolves at home, whose midfield is hardly better than ours. There's a slight chance of a point, but Santon and Simpson can't bomb forward as much as they did today.
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