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  1. He may have killed a few dogs with his high pitched screams
  2. His sliding tackling heroics are becoming the stuff of legend. I actually cant believe what I witnessed with that second goal, goal of the season so far no doubt. The entire staff of both teams were walking around with 'did that really just happen?' written all over their faces.
  3. Marv for me, the injuries were apparently because instead of getting an old injury fixed properly with surgery they were putting him out again when the pain went down. Now that surgery and a long rehab has occured i expect him to come good. Obertans reading of the game is shockingly bad at times.
  4. im laying the blame at the 3 man defence tactic, it clearly wasnt working and no change was made till we were 4-0 down. It was complete chaos at the back, noone knew where to position themselves or who to pick up. Really, a back three of Simpson, Willo and the best defender, Colo out on the left?? disastrous! If its not broke... Jonas was in midfield all the time too and not helping out at left back. Tiote poor too. all in all a poor display but its still all to play for and lessons will be learned.
  5. 35 mins into the match Terry found he could no longer contain his hatred for Sanchez' black hair. He had to do it man..
  6. obviously it doesnt suit us, but theres no taking away from the way chelsea performance there. Barca got found out by a lesser team with 10 men! They were very well organised..
  7. Yeah I agree with all of this. Colocinni is just a natural, his timing of tackles is immpecable. That wee dribble into the box Santon did at the end, i actually thought it was Ben Arfa (because of the orange boots) He was very solid all game. Cabaye's pass for the second goal beggars belief. Cisse was way on the other side of the pitch when he hit it and the placing and weight was perfect. As far as i was aware Cisse's second goal should have stood, surely he was not interfering with play as Ba took a shot directly at the keeper? Refs need to really agree on a standard and stick to
  8. Way too gifted for it to ever be in question, just needed time and games, helped recently by a formation change as well to show everyone he's one of the most talented players out there. What amazes me the most is not just the skills he shows but the speed he does it at, he's faster with the ball than most players are without it! He seems to have gotten quicker over the last month or two as well, It was like he had a jet pack on running through the middle today. Id say the way to accomodate all 3 forwards is to have Ben Arfa through the middle in the hole and the Dembae interchanging
  9. He goes on runs noone else has the balls to attempt.
  10. I thought he was going to get the card out but he didnt. To be fair they all had a valid arguement, the linesman stitched em up like a kipper
  11. Not great, but not bad.. Hopefully we could even sneak past Spurs
  12. in a way im glad Liverpool scored as they have no hope of catching us in the leage and they will gain confidence going into the FA cup game.
  13. get in wigan!!!! completely against the run of play
  14. Colo, Krul or Ba for me too. Im going to give Colo the nod as his hair is more inspirational than Kruls or Dembas.
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