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  1. Couldnt be arsed to read them all yes i am very different it would seem
  2. Plenty K"eee"gans and Shear"ar"s kicking around as well - cringeworthy isnt it
  3. Have you always been angry and confrontational or did you have to attend night classes. 1. No 2. I only saw his substitutes appearance against West Ham at home and wasn't at the Wigan away game - not really long enough to make a judgement TBF. Stan Varga had an outstanding debut and look what happened to him. Im realistic
  4. Mclean is way way off being a good player - he is raw and makes mistakes but has the heart of a lion and will run his legs off for the shirt. Most Sunderland fans (including me) agree he should be a substitute at best until he either matures or moves on. Nunez was a sham - his agent and Peter Reid were the only 2 people who benefited from that deal
  5. I know what you mean - a few of my Geordie mates reckoned Tiote was worth £20m
  6. If i called your mother a sl*g would it be a disrespectful insult or just banter. There is a difference.
  7. Thats your opinion my friend - My request as to your financial status was merely to establish the credebilty of your argument and "generalisation" and for no other reason. If my dad had not left Newcastle in the 1960's i could easily have been brought up in West Denton where he lived. I now have a better life but i dont subscribe to the "all geordies are scruffy, thick etc etc". Surely you see where im coming from.
  8. ahh the truths coming out now - you dont even live here - nice one
  9. no offence taken you overweight pasty eating, husband of a dog, geordie shore wanabee - all good banter
  10. Just curious as to whether you fit into the Economic group that 'you' clearly beleive all Geordies do and Mackems dont thats all. How much tax do you pay, what do you drive - all legitimate questions seeing as you started it
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