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  1. Whooaah me lads, the Mackem fans are roaring Sessegnon and Johnson, and Vaughny are all scoring, The Geordie Fans are breaking stuff and making work for Glaziers, Running dooon the Scotswood Road... Punching Horses Faces!!!
  2. Judging by the activity on this board it's because all your lot are members on the SMB
  3. finally some sense, that's all I saw as well. They looked out of ideas.
  4. Tiote, Sess done him like a kipper for the third
  5. Christ they'll blame anything these days!! N'diaye had him in his pocket
  6. So again I'll say what have you won? I'm sorry you made it sound like you'd won the premiership or champions league on numerous occasions? There's some cracking threads on here mind, calling for pardiolas head, cockney mafia out etc, just because you lost 0-3! Well you didn't just lose did you? You were played off the landfill
  7. how you lot can call millwall is beyond me after Sundays shambles Hey we have regular unwashed posters on the SMB, been on there for years. After looking around here it seems I was very wrong and thy are the semi intelligent ones out of you lol
  8. the reason I did that was because of all the scum on our page
  9. And you've won what exactly? You think you deserve the same praise as barca, and you think it's your divine right to be in the top four. Problem is when reality kicks in your just a mid table club who's having second season syndrome and now after Sunday the world knows just how god awful your club is Most of you on here are post 92 lol
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