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  1. Aye, but there's a lot of things not in the report that Liverpool Football Club can't go into. Mainly because they don't exist.
  2. The point. and moreso the combined foreign total versus the combined English total. You should do a pie chart.
  3. Watch your fingers there, fatty.
  4. I thought it was ok. It did well because of the lack of decent football literature at the time. It still comes a poor 2nd compared to the likes of cricket in that regard. I think you've inadvertently hit the nail on the head though. He wasn't a exactly a member of the Bullingdon Club but his boring, safe "middle-classness" really comes out in Fever Pitch.
  5. Either way, it's debatable as to whether he's been good value at £23m. Relative to Carroll he has like.
  6. He was sacked from Spurs too.....there is a school of thought this was after he'd recruited the core of their current side. Off the top of my head I can only think that Bale was one of his.....but am no expert where Spurs transfer dates are concerend. Henderson was one of his and was undoubtedly recruited because of his assist's stats last season which were apparently brilliant. Had a quick look. Henderson wasn't in the top 30 for PL assists last season. (He'd have needed 6 to be one of the 12 players who were joint 19th). Barton had 8. He'd have been a better signing and I said that to th
  7. Bellamy has looked canny but he can't start more than one game a week. Enrique was a good buy like. Surprised they were the only ones in for him at that price. I'd take him over Evra.
  8. Unfortunately Bernard since you seem to know so much about me while I know nothing about you while hiding behind the identity of your new username , I think I'll make use of the functions here and stick you on the ignore list. Nice try for a bite btw. Chomp. which even goes to show most people make a correct statement now and again. What do these people have to hide ? Hilarious. He's posting like nobodies business mind, must have a problem or maybe just taking things a little too seriously. Btw, haven't you got numerous accounts on here and on that forum you run. You k
  9. Surprised you're not arguing his first foul on Song was an accident
  10. I know it's bad crack really but the 'Metric Martyr' still makes me laugh. Even more so when he ended up 1.8288 metres under.
  11. Alex on steroids. You're just perturbed at the prospect of another 'Alpha Male' taking you on tbh.
  12. It was going to be about Percy Main's 2008-09 promotion season but he opted for something a bit less obvious.
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