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  1. You've got to, at some point, accept it and back him. He's coming into the club that's already toxic in so many ways, but at the end of it he's on the same ship as we are now and wants the same thing we do, which is for some level (variable depending on what your relationship to the club is it seems) of success. He's not Klopp, he's not David Moyes. But we have to give him a chance, else we are doomed from the off to continue the dreary, droney existential crisis that has been Newcastle United for the past few years. Ashley is still here yes, and he's still a cunt and no matter how many interviews he does spouting future investment and whatnot will change it. I'll believe the club is going in a better direction morally, and when we are reaping the rewards of many years of balancing the books to provide us with a platform for future success when I see it. But you've got to have hope. Hope that, with the appointment, maybe something will change for the better. We're certainly fucking due a bit of a change in fortune (pun intended).
  2. Oof. The man's gonna need some ointment for that burn.
  3. Looking forward to hearing his thick toon accent after a few months.
  4. I knew a lass who used to do PR for Man City. Said Viera is thick as fuck and not given any responsibility at the club because he can't really do owt. Didn't really inspire me when I heard us linked with him. Though it didn't really surprise me either.
  5. That Gemmill goal is class. Messi is the best footballer I've ever seen personally. Used to love watching Ronaldo but since he has moved more central into a goal scorer I guess I sort of admire his stats rather than enjoy watching him play. Phenomenal player though and definitely up there with the best. But Messi is the best. Pretty much every game he plays there will be a moment where I don't understand how he has manoeuvred his body and the ball in a particular way. He is a freak. If he doesn't win a world cup, it won't change anything. There is no one quite like him. Maradona is the only player you can name in the same sentence, and that's after Messi.
  6. Yup, he certainly deserves credit because he has transformed their team. Absolutely no doubt whatsoever that things will go tits up though. An ego like that is a ticking time bomb, he'll do/say something at some point and be back to the media whipping boy. Also the fact that he consistently goes on horrendous runs of form.
  7. I like the stars above the crest.
  8. Thanks for that sweet, sweet hit of depression. What a goal.
  9. Course it wouldn't. I was referring to a San Siro style boycott - like basically completely empty. A lot of toon supporters seem unable, or unwilling to do that though - which, is up to them. Personally, it has gone so far past the point where 'support the team, not the board' resonated for me as a reason to go to the match.
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