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  1. Kuijt staying at Feyenoord

    There are no players existing who are made to play in our formation, because its the work of a clueless idiot who has no concept of what the fuck he is doing and is just vaguely making a stab at something he's seen on tv once or twice!!! 21863[/snapback] All of which doesn't really matter if we get rid of Souness soon and will have at least ended up with a very good striker indeed..

    Really? I'd have Cisse for 6M!
  3. Kuijt staying at Feyenoord

    I would like Earnshaw at this club even if we got Owen, as we would need cover for Owen to prevent us looking as teethless as we do now when he's out injured. Would not cost the world and could do a job here..
  4. Kuijt staying at Feyenoord

    http://www.feyenoord.com/domains/feyenoord..._12770000000008 So who's next after Owen will gently decline us to go back to Liverpool?
  5. Villa line up Bouma deal

    Sima, although I agree with you that Taylor is a centre back and deserves an extended run in the team, who of the current squad of players would you play on the left if Bramble was fit again and Baba out injured (or supposedly so)? Would you play Elliot or try something else? 21518[/snapback] I'd have no choice but to play Taylor there but then again I didn't see the point in selling such a versatile player as Hughes for such a paltry sum. 21526[/snapback] Agreed!
  6. The French Central Defender ....

    The fact that our defense didn't look troubled at all in the first half and looked a mess in the second with no changes to defense and three changes to midfield yesterday tells a story that is not captured by statistics doesn't it? No matter how good your defense is, if all your midfield does is give the ball away cheaply any team, even AC Milan, will get into trouble..
  7. Villa line up Bouma deal

    Sima, although I agree with you that Taylor is a centre back and deserves an extended run in the team, who of the current squad of players would you play on the left if Bramble was fit again and Baba out injured (or supposedly so)? Would you play Elliot or try something else?
  8. Dirk Kuyt and our "scouts"

    Of course not because our coaching is frankly bollocks. 21250[/snapback] I think the primary reasonsibility for improving as a player lies with the player himself. Unfortunately, most players at NUFC do not seem to feel this urge. You may be right about the coaching staff, but I would have you note that not many clubs are actually that good at making talented players world class players. In England Arsenal spring to mind, but in general I believe it is more to do with the individual player's desire than coaching methods or personnel. My point about Kuijt was certainly not a disqualification of NUFC's coaching staff. After all, even Ronaldinho would look mediocre after three years of sitting on the bench. You would have to acknowledge that sometimes players develop better and faster as regular players in a league regarded as not a top league, than as squad players in top teams in top leagues? Edit: BTW the news in the Dutch media this afternoon is that Kuijt has told the chairman and technical director of Feyenoord that he has decided that he is staying with Feyenoord for the remainder of this season. He says if a top club comes in for him, they are to tell them that they are welcome to come back at the end of the season. As a Feyenoord supporter I am very happy about this news, but as a Newcastle supporter it means another name can be taken off the list of viable prospects..
  9. Villa line up Bouma deal

    Decent signing, but he is a bit overrated I would say. He has played on the left full back position, but he was absolutely shocking there. As a centre back he is allright, about Villa level. Not good enough for Liverpool though..
  10. Dirk Kuyt and our "scouts"

    This is very harsh and the dutch phrase "the best captains always stand on the quay" seems applicable here. If Feyenoord bought the player for 600k three years ago, it was because he was not valued to be worth much more than that. I have always liked him as a player, but I am as amazed as everyone at his incredible progression in the last couple of seasons. At the time when Feyenoord got him, supporters from other clubs were laughing at us for signing him, much like people were laughing at Liverpool for signing Crouch. If Crouch proves to be a 20 goal a season striker in three years time and a first team international player for England, will you come back and open another topic about how poor the scouting is at St James? The fact of the matter is I am actually positively surprised that NUFC scouts knew about him as a player before everybody did. It makes a nice change from having to say "with all due respect, but we have never heard of player X" when talking about an established top quality player. Then there is the matter of taking the gamble and bringing a foreign player to the club. I don't think Kuijt would have broken in the Newcastle first team three years ago, and as a result I think he would not have been the player he is today would we have signed him three season's ago, so it's a non starter really.
  11. Faye needs to fuck off to the Mackems..

    I agree with all of your assessments, but he can't help being a bad player, can he? What does my head in is that Souness gives him a running out when we lose an attacking minded midfielder (Bowyer) and already have a perfectly good defensive midfielder on the pitch (Parker). From that moment onwards everybody knew we were going to lose, as we were never going to keep that 0-0 for another 30 minutes just hoofing the ball forward.. We should have played Zog or Milner instead, to create at least some pace and/or creativity after Dyer and Emre had already gone off.. Afwul substitution(s) that cost us the match..
  12. Toon move for dirk kuyt!

    No, after a dramatic season Gullit has been duely replaced as Feyenoord's manager by Erwin Koeman, a former international for Holland and brother of Ronald. I can't imagine Gullit being a factor in this, but I do think Tottenham with Jol and Davids would have an advantage over us. Whether they can match our bid is another matter.. I can also see Kuijt staying at Feyenoord for another year as he's very loyal and down to earth and would probably want to ensure he gets in the World Cup squad. If he does and has another good season followed by a good tournament, bigger clubs than Tottenham and us could be after his services.. This is not just a matter of making the right bid if there is even such a thing considering the manager has had a promise from the chairman that Kuijt and kalou, the other much touted striker will not be sold this season. Also, it remains to be seen if the player is even willing to consider us..
  13. Toon move for dirk kuyt!

    Kuyt has been a regular in the Holland team for a year or so, but mainly playing on the right or left of a 4-3-3, with RvN in the center and Robben on the left or Castelen on the right.. He has not really had a chanche yet in the centre, but it is sure to come if RvN continues playing as he has done last season.. He is indeed ahead of Makaay and Kluivert in the pecking order, and if RvN is substituted, Kuijt plays center and Van Persie/Castelen would come on for the wings.. I know Kuijt well, and I think 13m is a good price for him. He could be a cult hero for this club..

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