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  1. Why are you avoiding the issue? Either you can explain what kind of diagram you would understand, or you can't. Either you can explain what would happen if you connect two generators together, or you can't. No amount of silly answers is going to cover up what you apparently cannot do, while expecting people to believe you understand anything about electricity (or rather, you know enough about solar power to be able to call it a complete con).
  2. At its core, the poppy is a symbol of respect and gratitude. By not wearing one, you are basically saying you do not respect the sacrifices of British soldiers, or you're not gratefull for it. Either way, it takes a bellend of extreme proportions to not wear one in that case without serious just cause. I'd have no issue for example with a tourist from the ROI not wearing one tomorrow. But James McLean has no serious just cause here - after the deaths of many innocent people on both sides, the people of Derry are free to be Catholic, free to be Irish citizens, and free to denounce the Briti
  3. It has lines and words, same as any other diagram. You wouldn't understand it any better if I put boxes around the words or coloured it in, ant you wouldn't undertstand it any more if I chose to turn the single line into three lines, just to represent live/neutral/earth, either. Why not just admit it, you don't know anything about electricity, which is why you'll never 'see' a diagram no matter what it looks like, and you'll never tell us what happens when you connect two generators together.
  4. God you are fucking thick. That's not a bloody wiring diagram, it's just a diagram laid out in such a way as to ironically make it easier for prats like you to understand that power can go both ways, without confusing them with the apparently too confusing reality that this is possible by using the same cable that previously only fed it into the house.
  5. He's moaning that the reason he was given the boot was that he wasn't their choice? Isn't that basically the second most common reason for managerial sackings, behind getting bad results.
  6. PS, Wolfy with tools? Come on. That's got to be completely made up.
  7. Kevin Bridges did one on the top deck of a bus did he not?
  8. Splitting hairs. The issue is not that you don't understand, it's that you're unable to. And because of that, you think something fishy is going on. Rather than the more obvious - you're just a dumb prick.
  9. Someone want to let me in on the joke?
  10. I just love the sort of cunt who defends an 'Irish' person's right to do something in Britain that many British people living in Derry would get kneecapped for. Fucking choice my arse.
  11. He also thinks the Queen is a lizard. That's what separates him from the other normal people who knew all about Jimmy Saville, but just didn't say anything. Fuck knows about Ted Heath, well before my time. He was unmarried and possibly gay, so to some people I guess that means he was a pedo.
  12. Sky Sports 2 right now - Villa 1-0 Man U, on the stroke of half time.
  13. Fuck off man. The day I start coming out with crap like 'west ham are a little known community club', is the day I put a bullet in my brain.
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