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  1. I was embarrassingly chucked out of a club a couple of years ago for doing poppers at the bar, the bouncer dragged me outside and threw me on the ground shouting "It's not the eighties anymore!" I would get a projector setup if i had the space/cash, but i only really watch films/documentaries, not had a telly for years. Agree with the comment about people not knowing the difference between SD & HD, it's the same in loads of pubs as well, does my head in. And why does everyone seem to fuck about with the colour settings to make everything they watch look like TV-AM?
  2. more dreams dashed on the rocks of despair. (football/politics have the same effect on me ).
  3. you can also chuck in the never ending meetings, the pointless A-B marches, toeing the party line (or else!), all that bollocks.
  4. The left for me used to mean either the reformist left or the revolutionary left. These could be divided into differing strands, groups and arguments, but the aim was pretty much the same, the emancipation of the proletariat. these days the left seems to be mostly a collection of liberals with the odd political reenactment group here and there attempting to keep some true flame burning. The only thing that the left appears to be good at (historically) is in the neutering of public anger by redistributing it through the usual bureaucratic channels that end up leading nowhere, with the r
  5. One of the better short guides on ISIS i've read, goes into detail without heading off into la la land. ISIS’s rise cannot be explained as simply an outcome of ideology or religion, as many Western commentators appear to believe. There are very real social and political roots that explain the organization’s growth. But taking the ideological expression seriously helps us understand how various intersecting factors — the destructive spread of sectarianism, the devastating repression in Syria and Iraq, and the interests of different regional and international powers in the Middle East —
  6. ^ looks like YT have pulled it Still on Vimeo though. HD FTW
  7. Peaches may have the crimbo number one spot. nsfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3vUfhbCako
  8. ^ one of the greatest records ever made! Arthur Russell was always on the ball.
  9. This is worth a read from the New York Times, it gives a good insight into the attempts to establish communitys in northern Syria. The writer comes across sounding like a bit of a missionary in places, and there is the problematic legacy associated with some of the cult of personality leftovers of the politics involved, but a positive and well written story nonetheless. One of the safer crossings into Syria is at a small town called Fishkhabour, in the far northwestern corner of Iraq. In a whitewashed shack on the shore of the Tigris River, an official from Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Gover
  10. I was referring to RT. a lecturing pseudo-marxist in a fetching codpiece, I think that could be my next fancy dress outfit.
  11. Do you get paid every time you post a link to RT? Using a bloke from Coventry as evidence to dismiss the mass murders of the Assad regime. Classy stuff It's interesting to note that the most sensational evidence (the reporters words in your clip) that they found was that the english version of the website said Russian planes had killed 30 civilians, while the Arabic version said Assad regime forces had killed 27 civilians... that's it, that's the RT sensational evidence right there... the fact that the two are working together, and that it appears that nearly 30 civilians had died,
  12. hence my 'what you take from it is up to you' comment. (It's in the Spectator ffs ) In such situations as this it's worth examining information coming from all sources, and not relying solely on one.
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