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  1. He mentioned something about some good news that will come out in the near future. Takeover perhaps?
  2. Pardew? He'd be next out the door after Ashley. I'd keep Kinnear on the payrole, he could scrub the bogs.. i'd pay rolls royce wages to see that.
  3. A russian billionaire.. they'd get the club far more than any rich Arab, they should stick to the horse racing! Or Bill Gates, but then all the pre match tactics would be done on windows 8 tablets and nobody would know what the fuck what going on. Although saying that, if we weren't doing well our new team of lawyers would find a way of us being awarded the Premier League
  4. I assure you i'm not a mackem and my opinions on Keegan are my own, i love the man for what he did for us but he's an emotional fool who finds himself out of his depth too often. He should never have been brought back, it's only tarnished his first managerial reign with us. Hardly a shocking statement and i'm sure some of you agree with my view.
  5. Heard whispers of an LMA statement coming about this tomorrow, apparently he's disputing that he said this.
  6. This isn't a thread about Kevin Keegan.
  7. The aim of this is to get Ashleys attention so that he engages with us. To tell us how much longer he plans to own the club, what are his ambitions if any. We deserve to know this and he needs to know that there is no more bullshit we will fall for. It's also a hope that the negative media attention that may come his way over this may force him to re-evaluate his position here. This isn't about team affairs, Pardew and Kinnear should be left out of it so as not to confuse the issue
  8. We were all far less informed back then than we are now. The anger over the Keegan thing was for the man himself, he'll always be loved here even if he is a fool. Back then there was Denis Wise and the other two muppets, Llambias was probably creeping into the equation too. All those buffers between Ashley and the fans. He's tried to do it again with Joe Kinnear but nobody is falling for it anymore, all lies and bullshit. He's taken from the club the one off payment of 63 million for tv rights. 8 million per season for Wonga and whatever money we made on saving wages and transfers
  9. Am open to any suggestions, including the date of home match. But this being the first game at home after the break we really need to strike while the iron is hot. The idea of this is that it belongs to all of us, so if we spread the word and do our bit this has every chance of working. And no he doesn't give a fuck about us. Anyone who knows anything knows that. But he does like his privacy, and if mainstream media get a sniff of this he can kiss goodbye to that. Like i've mentioned on other boards, if anyone has a better idea please share it but if you feel this could work, take
  10. This needs to happen. An upcoming home game (Hull City @St James 21st September) The spotlight needs to be turned fully on Mike Ashley and what his intentions are for the club. The media needs to know this is all about Mike Ashley and not confuse the issue to be about Joe Kinnear or Alan Pardew. The aim is to boycott a home game. A mostly empty stadium would send a message to Ashley that the game is up, there's no more bullshit to use up on us, we are wise to his lies and we are united in boycotting him by not turning up. He is not comfortable with media attention so this will get a messag
  11. Time to close this thread and move on? The anger coming out of all this needs it's own vessel
  12. They have a better manager, more goalscoring players and a decent defence. Why would anyone be confident of us getting a win. 2-0 to them
  13. The latest bullshit is that we've bid for James McCarthy.. not seen much of him so have no opinion either way on him. Around 9/10m is what the reported bid is.. seems a lot for a Wigan player? Would also suggest some sort of fee has been agreed for Cabaye..
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