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  1. Listen to Roeder over the last few days: first he was definately going to have some new signings, then he might have a signing and two loan players and now he hopes to get someone in on loan. Doesn't sound to promising to me!
  2. £60k per week?! West Ham are welcome to him. £60K, are you serious?
  3. Bramble and Ferdinand in central defence, that's enought to give anyone a brown trouser moment (and throw in Carr and Baba just to make it extra special).
  4. No chance, none at all. Wouldn't be the first time UEFA make a statement and then go back on it a couple of days later
  5. They will appeal and UEFA will reinstate them.
  6. You can see it happening though can't you?
  7. Nigel Pearson to take over as caretaker, win four or five games and then be appointed on a two year contract
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