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  1. not the best result, but great to hear the roar of St James after we equalized, gave me goosebumps here in outback Australia. Second half looked good (compared to the last sgame i watched) , i reckon we might stay up by the skin of our teeth
  2. any hopeless streams that an outback geordie could weep over ?
  3. its all great living here in australia, sun, sand, shelias, surf, wine, beer but watching the toon online becomes a military operation FFS
  4. im guessing that live linkage is frowned upon ?
  5. champion. bout bloody time we made them look shit. thanks yong
  6. not sure if im allowed to mention highlights or not anymore ? need to see this and somewhat crippled for any premiership tv here in australia w/o extortionate foxtel fees ! damn you murdoch
  7. wasnt carroll `going nowhere` ?
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