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  1. He's the best we could have got under Ashley just confirms further that action needs taking. However perceived as impotent.
  2. The guy put bin bags on loads of the gates during sackpardew and took the chronicles sandwiches away when they wrote anything remotely scathing. Not saying he'll bow easily to pressure, but he's not the thick skinned juggernaut he's made out to be.
  3. Theres so many more want him out than before Saturday by the looks.
  4. Undoubtedly. There will be a hardcore enough to be heard though.
  5. 'I remember zees one occasion were ee said 'Atam your fackin' shit mate' and ah stormed erf down ze tunn-ell.'
  6. An absolute shitstorm awaits fanwise after Man U imo. Going to be hard to ignore. Based on my opinion that we'll get beat.
  7. Sigh...Medocre manager in scandal, mediocre players in scandal. Bit sick of it to be honest.
  8. He's requested a hearing? Appropriate word seeing as he'll likely use it as an opportunity tell some poor old cunt to shut their noise.
  9. Well I wouldn't know about that. He is a bit shite mind.
  10. 'Pour yo' tea down up yo' ass and shit beeyatch...hawww' - Michael Wallace Ashley, 2014
  11. Aye. Ashley has made his stance clear, unfortunately.
  12. If I was there every day I would probably get an idea of why the useless div can't get us winning games.
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