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  1. To be fair if Obertan was ever given a chance he would prove he is better than them both. No not really, just epic banter
  2. I am alright, Anthony, how are you? Wait, are you called Ant because Dec was already taken?
  3. I wouldn't trust him to treat my genital warts
  4. What ever the colour of the inside of your anus is, that's my favourite colour pop
  5. I prefer coke to pepsi anyway, so CM Punk can just go to heck for all I care
  6. Jack Alnwick will be England's number 1 for the Euro's. FACT
  7. I once called Demba Ba Mary, because Ba is the noise Sheeps make..Baaaaaa..and Mary had lots of sheeps. I must say after that I rofl'ed for several days after that
  8. My top 5 would be Gouffran, Obertan, Marvauex, Nile Ranger and Sol Campbell. BANTER ALERT BANTER ALRET!!!! I'm sorry but BANTER really is my middle name
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