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  1. Rolando Aarons

    To be fair if Obertan was ever given a chance he would prove he is better than them both. No not really, just epic banter
  2. Pleased to meet you

    I am alright, Anthony, how are you? Wait, are you called Ant because Dec was already taken?
  3. Rob Elliot

    I wouldn't trust him to treat my genital warts
  4. Rob Elliot

    He is a doctor of gayness
  5. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    This thread just got Pardewed
  6. Pleased to meet you

    Yeah, but you're a fag
  7. Rob Elliot

  8. Pleased to meet you

    What ever the colour of the inside of your anus is, that's my favourite colour pop
  9. Ivan Toney

  10. Who is your favourite panda?

  11. Pleased to meet you

    I prefer coke to pepsi anyway, so CM Punk can just go to heck for all I care
  12. Rob Elliot

    Jack Alnwick will be England's number 1 for the Euro's. FACT
  13. Ivan Toney

    I once called Demba Ba Mary, because Ba is the noise Sheeps make..Baaaaaa..and Mary had lots of sheeps. I must say after that I rofl'ed for several days after that
  14. Who is your favourite panda?

    My top 5 would be Gouffran, Obertan, Marvauex, Nile Ranger and Sol Campbell. BANTER ALERT BANTER ALRET!!!! I'm sorry but BANTER really is my middle name

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