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  1. As with everything else in life that is your opinion. I'm 62, have been to more games following Newcastle than most on here.I dont need some spotty , male groomed , nintendo playing child to grief me about being a Makem. Having played for the Toon at a pro level , i may have some insight into the club . and stories from way back when. Plus i have many friends/ colleagues who are still with many teams. Time to go i think, "I'm a mong who uses too many commas""I'm a mong who uses too many commas""I'm a mong who uses too many commas""I'm a mong who uses too many commas""I'm a mong who uses too m
  2. And little to me, this is a mild form of entertainment whilst the snow clears here in sunny Shotley Bridge. As i am only on another couple of forums, i am unaware of how they behave. But as you point your finger at me / ban me.Take a look at a few others as well young 'en
  3. The quantity of ' fuck offs' , is in direct response to the number of 'fuck offs i received prior to my first 'fuck off'.I assumed it was the correct method of disapproval?
  4. Fortunately, i have never felt the need to copy and paste any of your posting , blissfully ignorant "I'm a mong who uses too many commas" do you have a rule which limits the "I'm a mong who uses too many commas" per sentence? . I dont give a toss what you do,it has been mentioned that 90 pcent of new posters piss off after a few days anyway.This forum is like stepping into an old boys club,and if someone new steps on a few toes so what?..I am sure most of the bratts on here can look after themselves, rather than call in 'security'. Get a fukkin life man !!
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