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  1. 130AM on a Monday, spewing I missed it, AMAZING RESULTS. Will try to catch a replay of it. A big thank you btw for all my fans that mentioned my name during the game, I appreciate you still had me on your mind during such an amazing time, mwa đŸ˜˜(Rent. Free)
  2. Loan watch Threadâ„¢ will be providing updates every monday big fella, stay tuned
  3. Thank you gentleman, Never been there and probably never will, nothing wrong with having our own thread to discuss our players, fam. Nice to see some of the biggest members of my fanclub attending my thread, Howay let me know next time eddie howe slips you some info, should be some riveting (hilarious) reading fella, keep up the good work mate (yer a fucking weirdo).
  4. Were a top team now and should be keeping a better eye on our lads. Will be updating this thread regularly, feel free to add
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